You may have seen job openings in the solar industry but still wondering if solar is a good career choice for you.

According to the 2019 National Solar Jobs Census released by The Solar Foundation, American solar jobs have increased 167% over the past decade, adding 156,000 jobs.

But why should you consider working in the solar industry?

Here are our top 4 reasons why.

1. Exploding Industry Growth

According to data recently released by the SEIA, the solar industry is booming. In fact, renewable energy is beginning to outgrow coal and nuclear energy industries. More governments, businesses, utility companies, and homeowners are investing in solar than ever before. Even the government is starting to take notice of the importance of renewable energy with incentives for those going solar.

This means once you become a pro in the solar industry, you will have an aspiring career in the solar industry ahead of you.

working in solar industry

2. Become a Renewable Energy Pro and Hero

Did you know? Electricity created with solar panels produces zero greenhouse gas emissions. That’s right, going solar is environmentally friendly. It’s another huge selling point that helps make your job easier. You’ll also help to create a better world for future generations.

ADT Solar offers a month long paid training that teaches you about the renewable energy industry, the ins-and-outs of the solar systems you’re selling, and provides you all the tools you need. This means you’ll be set up for success from day one.

3. Establish Yourself in a Very Lucrative Industry

Making great money is one of the largest motivations for working in the solar industry. Compared to other fields, the starting pay is highly competitive in any job position, and salary growth is common. There is also massive room for growth and the more experience you have, the more money you can expect to make.

As a solar salesperson at ADT Solar, you can start making money fast. Our current Solar Sales Specialists who have a strong work ethic and are self-motivated, positive, dedicated and have flexible working schedules are making between $69K-130K annually!

In addition, ADT Solar is a debt-free company which means install happens faster after sale which means you get paid faster. We also provide benefits after 6 months and no cap on earnings!

4. Fall in Love with Your Job

Job satisfaction is a great way to love what you do.

There are many reasons a career in the solar industry can offer job satisfaction. According to recent job satisfaction statistics, a large majority of US workers get a sense of identity from their job.

Working in solar sales, you’ll be selling a mission you can really get behind. Renewable energy is the future of our world, and as the name suggests, it is inexhaustible, which means when other sources are gone, solar will still be going strong. After all, the clean energy solar produces helps protect our beautiful planet for the future.

Not only that, but you’ll be able to help homeowners save money, or even eliminate what they’re paying each month for electricity! You’ll also aid them in becoming energy independent, which is an easy sell for those frustrated with their electric companies.

You’ll be able to feel a sense of pride in the work you do, helping homeowners and the environment all in a day’s work in solar sales.

Now that you know our favorite reasons solar is a good career choice, what are you waiting for!

I’m in. What Now?

What We’re Looking For

ADT Solar is currently seeking Solar Sales Specialists with positive energy to ensure that we provide our customers with the green energy solution that best meets their individual needs. Not only does adding solar to their homes add value but also helps liberate them from their electric company.

What’s in it for you:

  • An industry leading, high paying commission plan
  • Medical, dental and vision benefits after only 60 days
  • 401K with company match after 6 months
  • A monthly car allowance and fuel card while you’re waiting for a company car
  • The tools needed to perform the job, such as, company iPad, printer, referral app, shirts, & an entire marketing team on staff
  • An industry leading, month long, paid training program
  • Work schedule flexibility
  • A call center that works on generating leads and hefty bonuses for all self-generated leads
  • A complete support team to help ensure your success
  • No cap on earnings

What you’ll do:

  • Become a specialist in renewable energy
  • Network and look for opportunities for engagement to build client base
  • Educate potential and existing customers on ADT Solar’s clean energy solutions and ways to save money
  • Confidently discuss options and close contracts
  • Participate in company led events to generate sales

What you’ll need:

  • At least 2 years of outside sales experience
  • A current, valid driver’s license, clean driving record and reliable transportation
  • A cell phone (preferably a smart phone)
  • Ability to pass a pre-employment background check & drug screen
  • A customer centric, friendly and self-motivated attitude
  • Excellent communication skills both written and orally, with customers and office staff
  • A flexible schedule that allows for some evening & weekend appointments
  • A highly persuasive, self-disciplined & honest work ethic

Interested? Here’s What’s Next

You can see all our solar job opportunities on our career page.