The demand for solar energy in Colorado is growing, which is why ADT Solar chose Colorado as the newest region for expansion.

Colorado recently became the 13th state in the United States for solar energy. That means there’s enough solar installed to power over 452,783 homes.

Colorado is a smart choice for the newest addition to ADT Solar territories because of the vast availability of sunshine in Colorado and the state’s eco-conscious mindset.

This expansion to Colorado is yet another milestone in ADT Solar’s streak of growth, including recently becoming part of ADT, the most trusted name in smart home and small business security.

Now in 22 states, ADT Solar will continue to expand across the United States with its commitment to bring solar to residents who deserve an economic and environmentally responsible alternative to the traditional electricity grid.

Top reasons to go solar in Colorado

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Plenty of sunshine.

Colorado has close to 300 days of sunshine if you count partially sunny days (which still can be used by your solar PV system!). This means the sunniest cities of the centennial state see sunshine around 75% of the year.

Offset your carbon footprint.

Help keep Colorado beautiful by switching to renewable energy. Renewable energy sources, like solar, produce no waste in the air, oceans or land, unlike harmful oil and gas. Many states have already passed renewable energy initiatives that include a transition to renewable energy fully by 2050, including Colorado who has adopted 100% by 2040. According to EIA, “Since 2010, Colorado’s renewable electricity net generation has more than tripled, led by increased wind and solar, and accounted for 30% of the state’s total generation in 2020.”

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Reduce or eliminate your electricity bill.

When you go solar, you’ll be able to produce your own clean energy instead of using energy from your utility company’s grid. And with net metering in Colorado, you’ll be able to sell back any of your unused energy to the utility company for an even greater cut to your electric bills.

Take advantage of solar incentives and tax credits.

Colorado has state-wide solar programs that make the investment of going solar worthwhile. Take advantage of local utility rebates, the federal tax credit and net metering.

Read more about going solar and incentives for Colorado residents.

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