Did you know that you can get paid for referrals when you tell your friends and family about going solar with ADT Solar? It’s true! It’s free, simple and easy to make extra money this holiday season, or any time of year, using the ADT Solar Referral App.

You can earn $1,000 for each friend that goes solar with ADT Solar. And if your friend or neighbor needs a new roof, too? Well, each new qualified referral can earn you up to $1,535!

We’ve paid out more than $4 million to our ADT Solar Referral App users since 2018, and we’re only getting started. One of our most active and successful referral app users has made more than $8,000 so far just for telling his friends and family about solar energy!

As you can see, it really pays to use the referral app. When you refer your friends and family, your small talk could turn into serious savings. Many ADT Solar Referral App users who have already gone solar use their earnings to pay for their own home solar system.

Ready to earn some extra money with the app? Follow these tips, and you’ll be making extra cash in no time!

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1. Make money off referrals at your holiday gatherings

adt solar referral on mobile deviceHoliday gatherings offer a great opportunity to grow your referral network and spread the word about solar energy! We all know how awkward family gatherings can sometimes be, especially during the holiday season, so if the conversation gets cringy, switch the topic to solar energy savings!

Adding a referral is easy, whether you do it in-person or via a virtual gathering over Zoom. Once your home-owning friend or family member has said they’d like to learn more about switching to solar or getting a new roof, simply open the app on your phone, select the product you would like to refer (solar or roof), and add their contact info. Submit, you’re all done! You’ll be able to see their name and status in your list of active referrals within the app, along with your total potential earnings!

For referral app user Gage Mueller this strategy is a big part of his success! After switching to solar for his own home energy needs in 2017, he became a solar evangelist, hosting ‘solar socials’ at his house:

“I invite a bunch of people I don’t know from my neighborhood. I offer them coffee and breakfast and bring in a sales rep from ADT Solar so if anyone is interested, they can sign up right then.”

His enthusiasm has paid off, earning him more than $8,000 in referrals so far.

2. Earn extra cash by sharing your experience on social media

When you share your solar experience on social media, there are endless ways to earn extra cash! And you don’t need to already have solar yourself in order to refer and earn, anyone can do it!

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The Quick $20 feature in the app is one of our favorite ways to earn extra money. If you know someone else who wants to get paid for referrals, simply share your invite link with them. The app makes it easy to copy & paste the link, or you can share it immediately via text message, email, Facebook or Twitter. You’ll get $20 when they download and submit a qualified referral. There’s no limit to how many people you can refer or add to your network!

If Instagram is your favorite place to hang on social media, make a post about why you’re excited about solar energy and in the caption, ask your friends to direct message you for more info. You can’t easily share links in an Instagram caption, but once your friend DMs you, you CAN drop your invite link directly to them. They’ll be able to click and join your network!

Online groups are another way to spread the good word about solar energy! Are you active on the social networking website Nextdoor, or a member of any neighborhood Facebook groups? Or maybe you’re part of an online community of parents or dog lovers? Referral app rockstar Gage Mueller uses this strategy to boost his earnings:

“I surf the social media sites for leads, people asking questions in groups about solar, and then I let them know I’m a homeowner with experience so I can answer their questions about it.”

Don’t know what to say when you share?

If you’re a ADT Solar customer who’s already switched to solar, try something like this to refer your friends:

I just switched to solar energy, and it’s been awesome watching our electric bill go down! If you’re interested in switching, let me know and I can put you in touch with the solar specialists at ADT Solar!

If you’re a passionate solar energy evangelist who wants to grow your network with the Quick $20 tool, try this:

Want to make some extra money AND help save the planet? I’m earning extra cash by spreading the word about solar and you can too. Message me and I’ll send you the link to sign up!

3. You don’t need to be a salesperson, you just need friends

To make extra cash using the ADT Solar Referral App, you don’t need to be an experienced salesperson! In fact, the needs of each homeowner will be different depending on their city & state, current energy consumption and how much sunlight hits their house.

Pricing and installation requirements can vary depending on the location, so just make sure your referrals are in one of the states we serve.

You don’t need to worry about selling solar, because one of our solar specialists can explain all of the details. Don’t try to answer any questions you don’t know the answer to. Just tell them you enjoyed your experience with ADT Solar and add them to your network. As Gage Mueller recommends,

“I don’t give them a pitch. I tell them this is educational, and give them information on what it’s like to switch to solar energy from a homeowners’ perspective.”

4. Get paid when your friends get a new roof

What if your neighbors aren’t quite ready to make the leap to renewable energy, but you know that they need a new roof? The ADT Solar Referral App isn’t solar exclusive – you can also use it to refer friends for a roofing consultation with our team of professional roofing contractors at Buildpro. If you know someone who needs new shingle roofing or a metal roof replacement, use the app to send them our way and score some extra cash for yourself!

5. Make extra money from home, or anywhere! 

The ADT Solar Referral App makes it easy to start earning a referral bonus right away, from anywhere! But what if you don’t have a smartphone? No problem, just click here to sign up online or if you’re already an affiliate you can easily log into the web browser version from any computer.

Have questions about getting started or using the app? Check out our FAQs for all the answers you need.

6. To earn more money, think quality over quantity

If you want to become a top earner, it’s important to think quality over quantity. Sure, it may seem like a good idea at first to tell all of your friends, but remember… you only get paid for qualified referrals. That means the people you refer need to own a home in one of the states we serve and they need to actually be interested in going solar or getting a new roof.

We’ve all gotten spam messages at some point, and they’re pretty annoying, right? Instead of spamming everyone you know, be intentional with who you refer. Are there people in your life who have mentioned solar energy in the past? Or maybe you have a friend who just bought a house and you know that they are interested in reducing their carbon footprint. They would be a great person to ask! Likewise, if you have a family member who is always complaining about the high cost of their utility bills, have a conversation with them about how much money they could save in the long run by switching to solar.

The more likely someone is to actually switch to solar with ADT Solar, the more money you will make!

7. Set goals, and keep getting paid for referrals

Getting paid for referrals doesn’t have to be overwhelming. If you follow these tips and practice consistently, you’ll be on the path to earning extra cash in no time!

Set weekly goals for yourself to stay on track. Maybe you want to reach out to 1 person each day or 5 friends a week. Set goals that feel achievable, and track your progress in the app. You’ll be able to see your total potential earnings in the ADT Solar Referral App, based on the number of referrals you’ve made so far. That $$$ number may already seem like a lot, but the truth is, the earnings are unlimited! How much money you make is only limited by how much effort you put in.

Start getting paid for referrals with the ADT Solar Referral App!

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