Ho! Ho! Ho! It’s the most wonderful time of the year. This is a chance to show your loved ones you cared about them, but don’t let the holiday magic sweep you too far off your feet. Give the planet some love too. Whether it’s winter savings you seek or unique, eco-friendly ideas to show your holiday cheer, there are so many ways to use solar energy.

Here’s a list of the solar gifts that have been making their rounds this holiday season.

Top 10 Christmas Solar Gifts and Gadgets

‘Tis the season for gift giving! What better way to spread the joy of the holidays than with gifts that actually give back? Solar powered gifts are a practical way to show all of the creative uses for solar energy. Above all, it will allow you to tap into the renewable energy of the sun and encourage energy efficiency for the people you care about the most. Let’s take a look at the Christmas heavy hitters, the most popular solar gifts this year.

1. Solar Lights

Of course solar lights have made it to the top of this list. This gift is just as versatile as it is efficient. Regardless of what your person is into, solar lights can light the way. The perfect gift for camping or hiking, solar lights will charge up during the day and offer a blast of electricity during the night.

Here are just a few of the ways solar powered lights can keep it lit:

  • Bike Lights – These are great for the activity junkie who wants to take a ride when the sun goes down. Solar bike lights maintain their charge as you ride through the neighborhood safely.
  • Spark Lighter – Get that fire going with a solar powered spark light. Perfect for camping, a solar spark light harnesses sunlight to create a fire. It seems this cool way to use solar took a page from the ancient civilizations before us.
  • Flashlights and Lanterns – Solar offers an innovative way to keep the lights on and reduce carbon emissions. Consequently, solar flashlights and even lanterns provide a lasting, reliable charge on-the-go or in the event of a blackout.
  • Outdoor Lighting – Solar lights are the unique and easy option for many holiday decorations, but there’s so much more possible. An outdoor solar light will provide a bright shine with crisp LED lights. Additionally, you’ll be consuming less energy and these lights tend to last longer.
  • Reading Lights – Apply solar to a common use of electricity. For your bookish friend or family member, solar reading lights will never go out of style.
2. Solar Chargers

Obviously, the best way to get your charge is through solar energy. That’s why solar chargers have to make the list if we’re talking about solar gifts. Technology is everywhere — even outer space and with advancement comes accessibility. No matter where they are, the recipient of this gift will be able to get a charge.

In conclusion, solar chargers capture the sun’s energy to charge your devices. Subsequently, these can come in the form of a solar charging case for your cells, or even just a power bank. Power banks are batteries that can be used as extra backup power for your phone, computer, or other electronic device.

3. Solar Backpacks

Celebrate the student in your life with a cool solar backpack in Santa’s sack of presents. The solar powered backpack proves to be a functional alternative to traditional backpacks. Whether the recipient is lugging books across campus or hiking up the Himalayas, this is the perfect gift for someone on the move. It can be used to charge a smartphone, a digital camera, and much more.

4. Solar Speakers

This solar gift is for the music lover in your life. If you’re going to listen to Beyoncé anyway, might as well listen and reduce your energy consumption at the same time. This gift will allow the recipient to enjoy music no matter where they are — on the beach, in the mountains, camping in the forest. Solar speakers bring your favorite jams right to your ears.

5. Solar Keyboards

Yes, solar keyboards make the list because they’re super functional, but they’re also a pretty cool solar gift. When it comes to solar, you can count on smart, advanced technology regardless of the application. Solar keyboards tend to be wireless, which means you can use them essentially anywhere. They’re charged through a bar of solar cells on the top and will charge with any source of light (ironically, even with fluorescent ones). If you’re looking for a solar gift that people will definitely brag about, look into getting them a solar keyboard.

6. Solar Toys

When it comes to energy sustainability, you want to teach kids young about the benefits of solar energy. It also doesn’t hurt that these toys will save their parents some money on their electric bills since it takes less electricity to power most. These solar powered gifts can be as diverse as a race car, robots, or even a dancing figurine. If your toy gifts aren’t solar toys, rest assured. You can purchase a set of rechargeable solar batteries to include along with the toy.

7. Solar Oven or Cooker

Get the family chef a solar oven or solar cooker this year. A solar oven is a great gift for people who frequently spend time outdoors. On a sunny day, this solar powered gift will heat up and revitalize your cooking experience. In one swoop, the recipient can preserve natural resources and decrease the harmful pollutants in the air. Learn about all of the environmental benefits of solar.

8. Solar Pest Repeller

Yes, you read that right. You can now use solar energy to keep those pesky pests out of your way. With a solar pest repeller, homeowners can rid their gardens of gophers, possums, and many other problematic rodents. This repeller combines sound and vibration to deter pests from entering a property. But what’s the best part? There’s no complicated wired hookup or an expensive utility bill attached to this gift. So, the solar pest repeller is an easy and cost effective solution to an age old problem.

This gift might surprise the receiver, but it’s practical, affordable, and great for the gardeners in your life.

9. Solar Generator

From California to Texas, and all over the country, Americans are fed up with the way their power is produced. Also, there’s a growing concern about the reliability of the power grid, and many people are left wondering, “What happens when the lights go out?” during a power outage. That’s why your loved ones will revere the gift of clean, reliable power this holiday season.

Save the day this Christmas! Don’t let poor grandma crank up that old gasoline generator. A solar generator is the better option to power a home through any power disaster. Along with an efficient set of solar panels, the solar generator is much safer and will produce less pollution. Or better yet, try solar panels with a battery backup instead of a generator to keep the lights on through the holidays. Homeowners across the U.S. are looking for a safe, secure way to access an abundant stream of renewable energy. Don’t leave your loved one out. They will be delighted when they see this package under the tree.

10. Solar Panels: The Ultimate Christmas Gift

Clearly, there are so many unique ways to give the gift of solar this year. But with all that said, don’t you want a gift too? Solar panels are the ultimate solar gift for any homeowner interested in reducing their carbon footprint and bringing down their energy bills.

It’s great to spread your eco-friendly cheer and show those closest to you that we can beat climate anxiety! But a greener life begins with cleaner energy generation. As a result, homeowners all over have found out the true cost of solar on their home, and the proof is in the pudding — solar is totally worth it.

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Schedule your solar consultation today and find out how to bring in the new year with solar energy.