You may be wondering what happens when an ADT Solar Energy Specialist visits your home. If you’ve been considering solar, we understand you may want to know what to expect before booking your free consultation.

This is why we created this handy guide of what to expect at your solar consultation.

First things first: we are passionate about solar energy, home efficiency and your home energy goals. In just around an hour of your time (depending on you and your home’s needs), we will educate you on the current state of your home’s energy and the benefits of solar energy. It’s that easy! (And if you want to know how you could get paid for your consultation*, keep reading.)

Let’s walk you through the solar energy consultation process.

What happens at a solar consultation?

When the Solar Energy Specialist arrives, the first thing they will do is walk around your home and provide you with the following insights.

What this includes is:

A review of your home’s suitability for solar, including potential shading, roof angle, and orientation of the roof ―all factors that are used to deliver a highly accurate proposal.

A recommendation on how you can receive a free roof inspection from Buildpro, our sister company. A Buildpro professional can assess the condition of your roof to determine if it needs to be replaced before going solar.

Education about your home’s energy meter and net metering, if available in your area.

Assessment of your past electricity bills and usage to figure out just how much energy your home utilizes.

Learn how to read your electricity bill and understand how much you can save with solar.

What will I get from a solar consultation?

At a solar consultation, not only do we educate you about solar energy, but you’ll also get a customized solar solution for your home and your energy goals.

We want you to get the most out of your solar panel system for years to come, so you can enjoy the most savings possible when you go solar.

After we assess your home’s energy requirements, your goals, and your roof, we start designing a system that meets your home energy needs and goals.

We also go over any incentives available to you, as well as what your electric bill savings might look like. This includes the federal solar tax credit, sales and property tax exemptions, solar rebates, net metering programs and how your home’s value can increase when you have solar power installed.

Do I need to do anything to prepare for my consultation?

Before your solar consultation, you’ll need a few things. Let’s take a look.

Previous Electric Bills

For ADT Solar specialists to deliver you the most accurate proposal possible, we’ll need to review the last 12 months of your electric bills. We use this information to review your home’s usage and current electric rate. These are important factors needed for us to deliver a precise and completely personalized estimate for you.

Don’t have access to your electric bills in advance of your consultation? While we recommend downloading them from your electricity provider’s website, we can use estimates. However, if you choose to go solar, we’ll need to see your past electric bills to confirm our assumptions before we perform any work.

Ample Roof Access

When preparing for your solar consultation, you’ll want to make sure the roof has ample access. We take a preliminary look at your roof to determine if you’re a great candidate for solar panels. During this process, we’ll identify key aspects of your roof to give you the best recommendation. Further consultation will include our experts at Buildpro, to assess the true condition of your roof.

Other than your curiosity for solar energy and anyone else who’s interested in going solar, nothing else is needed on your end. Just sit back and let us handle everything!


What happens after my consultation? 

In order to provide you with superior customer service, your ADT Solar Energy Specialist, as well as your account manager, will guide you through the next steps of your solar journey. Clean, green solar energy for your home is just a few steps away!

Make money by just getting educated about solar!

The best part is that you could make money at your solar energy consultation. We love solar energy so much, we want to educate everyone about it! So, we give you a chance to get paid for the (qualified) people you invite over during your consultation.

Using the ADT Solar Referral App, you can get paid $35 for each qualified homeowner that you refer who completes their initial consultation. You could simply invite your neighbors, friends and family over for coffee during your initial consultation and get paid extra cash! Our knowledgeable experts will educate you and your guests about the benefits of solar energy.

Not only can solar energy save you money, but it also helps make the world a better place. It provides cleaner energy for everyone and the chance to save a ton on your energy bills. It’s just that easy!

With the ADT Referral App, we’ll also go over how you have the opportunity to pay off your entire system. How? By adding qualified referrals via the contacts in your phone.


What is the ADT Solar Referral App?

The ADT Solar Referral App is a free, fun and unique solar referrals-sharing app that makes it easy to earn extra cash when your qualified friends make the switch to solar.

Using your personal invitation link, each new qualified referral can earn you as much as $1,535. You receive your first $35 when your referral completes their first appointment and the person you referred will also get $25. You’ll receive $1,000 when they go solar, and an extra $500 if they get a new roof.

The more qualified referrals you add, the more money you can earn. The amount you earn is entirely up to you. What’s more, the unlimited earnings apply to each referral who goes solar with ADT Solar or gets a new roof with Buildpro.

One of the latest updates to the ADT Solar Referral App is a customized website feature for every user to track, manage and earn from their network.

Your personal webpage acts as your own unique referral dashboard where you can track and add referrals. Simply share the link to your personal website with your network such as your family, friends or significant other. Their contact information is added directly into your Referral App network when they fill out the form on your custom site.

Disclaimer: There is no guarantee that you will get paid for your consultation. The amount received and qualified participation depends on booking an appointment, as well as how many referrals book an appointment.

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Pretty easy, right? For more information on the app, read here.

Read our Referral App FAQs to learn more!

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