Fortunately, an HOA cannot deny solar panels in California. If your homeowner’s association (HOA) is giving you a hard time, then you need to know about the California Solar Rights Act. This legislation protects your right to install a solar energy system and outlines the guidelines an HOA has to follow if they want to place reasonable restrictions on your solar installation.

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California Solar Rights Act

The California Solar Rights Act (specifically CA Civil Code 714) prohibits HOAs from denying solar panel installations. It clearly defines a solar panel system as a device or building feature that collects, stores and distributes solar energy for the purposes of space heating and cooling, electric generation or water heating. This declaration is important, because it’s intended to protect your entire installation from your HOA. Now, let’s get into the specifics of some “reasonable” restrictions you might want to know about.

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Reasonable restrictions permitted

Under the California Solar Rights Act, homeowner’s associations are allowed to place reasonable restrictions on solar energy systems, as long as they don’t significantly increase the cost of the system or significantly decrease its efficiency or performance. So, what does that mean?

Currently, HOAs in California can’t impose reasonable restrictions on a solar energy system that’ll add more than $1,000 to the cost, or limit the efficiency of the system by 10%.

So, can HOA restrict solar panels in California?

The answer is no, an HOA can’t restrict or deny solar panels in California. The state does permit HOAs to set parameters within reason on solar panel installations. However, if your HOA tells you not to install your solar panels, it might be violating your rights.

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If you’re concerned your solar installation cause issues with your HOA, talk to professionals about it who are experienced in handling these kinds of issues. The way to make the experience of going solar easy is to hire a trusted solar installation company that will follow not only the building codes and restrictions but also keep you as the homeowner within the guidelines of your Homeowners Association.

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