There are certainly many things to appreciate about San Diego ― like perfect weather, beaches and natural beauty. Like any other place, beautiful sunny San Diego also has its drawbacks. High electricity prices are one of them. Fortunately, homeowners have another option to power their home, an option that could help save your budget,* as well as help save the planet: solar energy.

California is one of the nation’s leaders in solar energy. The Golden State:

  • Ranks first in the U.S. for solar
  • Has installed enough solar to power 10,133,299 homes
  • Has invested $80.8 billion in solar
  • Gets over 25% of its electricity from solar

Source: The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA)

Why go solar in San Diego?

To compare, solar accounts for just a little more than 3% of electricity in the U.S. as a whole. As you can see, California is a leader in solar by a wide margin. Considering these factors, it certainly seems like going solar is worth it in San Diego. Let’s take a deeper dive into all the reasons why solar energy is a smart choice.

1. Plenty of useable sunshine

This popular city in southern California didn’t get the moniker “Sunny San Diego” by accident. It’s the lucky recipient of more than 266 sunny days per year. With more sunny days than the nationwide average, the nickname is fitting.

And where there’s ample sunshine, there’s ample opportunity for solar! The more sunshine your roof gets, the more power your solar system can generate. If you live in San Diego, this puts you in a good position to power your home and have excess stored in your battery for later use.

2. High electricity bills

Saying that electricity rates in California aren’t cheap is the understatement of the century. In fact:

  • The state’s residential electricity prices are among the highest in the U.S.
  • At 23.03 cents/kWh, California’s average electricity rate for 2021 was 75% higher than the U.S. average of 13.12 cents/kWh.
  • The average annual electricity bill in California in 2021 was $1,520 ― 52.9% higher than the comparable bill of $526 in 2010.
  • As a result of the higher electricity prices, California residents paid $9 billion more than people in other states who used the same amount of energy in 2021.

Source: California Center for Jobs and the Economy

aerial shot of san diego homes with rooftop solar panels

Solar installation prices in California have decreased 53% in the last 10 years. On the other hand, electricity rates in the state have climbed sky high. With climbing energy bills and more affordable solar systems, many homeowners are recognizing the value of solar energy.

3. Widespread power outages

California was crowned “Blackout Queen” thanks to frequent power outages. A combination of power grids strained to the brink, a seemingly never-ending series of natural disasters and ongoing climate issues are all at fault. Unplanned outages due to disaster combined with planned maintenance outages put Californians at increasing risk of being left without power.

Fortunately, solar could offer a solution. When you add a solar battery backup to your panels, the system can store the excess energy collected in the battery. This stored energy can be used at night or during a power grid failure.

Think about how much stress you could eliminate by having the option of powering your home with solar panels during blackouts. It’s a downright bright idea!

4. State-wide adoption of clean energy

California can make one very powerful claim: it ranks first in the U.S. for megawatts of solar power installed. In fact, the state has invested a notable $80.8 billion in solar. With this strong commitment to solar comes incentives as well as state-wide adoption of clean energy and eco-friendly practices that make places like San Diego a great place to invest in solar energy.

5. Solar Incentives

Homeowners were given a major advantage in August of 2022, with the extension and increase of the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC). Under this legislation, homeowners may be able to take advantage of a tax credit valued at 30% of the cost of their solar system.**

Homeowners in California can also participate in the statewide net metering (NEM) program. Utility companies across the state make this option available. The California Public Utility Commission established NEM 2.0 in 2016.

Southern California Edison (SCE) serves many homeowners in San Diego. You can learn more about the utility provider’s net metering program on the SCE’s website.

These incentives could make going solar in San Diego more affordable for your home. One of our Solar Energy Specialists would be happy to go over details with you and see if solar is right for you.

6. Increased home value

In 2019 a Zillow study revealed that over the course of a year, homes equipped with solar energy systems sold for 4.1% more on average than comparable homes without solar power. While the sales premium varied by market, the improvement was there.

aerial shot of a san diego home with rooftop solar panels

7. Help save the planet

In addition to the many advantages it gives homeowners, solar energy is also beneficial for the environment. Solar energy reduces the amount of greenhouse gases emitted by carbon-fueled sources of energy. Solar energy is also renewable, and therefore, you’ll be easing the burden on non-renewable, finite forms of energy.

Knowing that you’re contributing to environmental stewardship feels pretty good, if we do say so ourselves!

Are solar panels in San Diego worth it?

Given the many days of sunshine, statewide support, and solar incentives available, going solar could definitely be worth it for homeowners in San Diego.

When you put your trust in the experienced, skilled, and dedicated ADT Solar team, you get solar energy from a brand you can trust.

These are just some of the ways we make life sunnier for our customers. Welcome to the sunnier side of life, San Diego!