Your home’s energy is a big deal. Especially when it comes to having it or not. And we’re guessing that if you’re questioning if solar batteries are worth it for your home, you have some concerns about your home’s energy situation.

Whether you’re concerned about reducing your impact on the planet, or trying to reduce your home’s energy bills, solar panel batteries could be worth it, depending on your situation and what’s important to you and your home.

If you’re concerned about major weather events, one of the reasons people choose solar batteries is to provide backup during power outages*. While your particular situation determines how long a battery could power your home through the night or during an outage, a solar battery added to your solar panel system could be a great option for you.

With more and more people going solar every year and natural disasters increasing, it’s time to start seriously considering whether a solar battery is worth it for your home and family. Let’s go into the top reasons you’ll want to consider one.

What solar panel batteries do 

Let’s start with what solar panel batteries do for your home. A solar power system produces solar energy during daylight hours, when the sun is shining brightly. Sometimes solar panels create more energy than you need. Without a battery backup, there’s no way to save this energy for later. Instead, the extra energy generated gets sent back to the power grid. But if you add a solar battery to your system, you can use the excess energy collected by the battery backup at night or during a grid outage.

Top 3 reasons solar batteries could be worth it for you 

A solar battery can make your home more resilient to power outages, less dependent on the grid, and help you avoid paying the most for power when rates are highest.**

But is a solar battery the right choice for you? That depends on where you live, how dependable the grid is around you, and how important it is to have a reliable source of power for your home. Here are a few of the top reasons why homeowners have chosen to get solar batteries installed on their home.

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3. A step toward energy independence

There’s nothing better than the feeling of having options when it comes to your home’s energy. Even when you have solar panels, your home is vulnerable to grid outages and energy price fluctuations throughout the day. But with a solar panel battery added to your system, you now have options.

And when you have a battery backup from Enphase®, you’ll also have smart technology that will help you monitor your home’s energy and prioritize what is being powered and when. Who doesn’t want more control of their home’s energy?

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2. Avoiding surging electricity prices

Electricity prices are on the rise nationwide. In fact, they have risen steadily for the last 10 years. The worst part is that this is mostly due to factors that are out of our control – supply chain issues, global political instability and climate disasters all affect how much you pay for your home’s electricity.

In addition, your utility company could charge you more or less depending on the time of day. This is called time-of-use (TOU) rates and it could be hiding on your bill. Time-of-use rates mean that when you need power the most, there’s a chance you’ll be paying the most for it.**

All these factors mean that as a consumer, you have little control over how much you pay for electricity, and you’re left at the mercy of the utility companies’ decisions.

A solar panel battery lets you control when you use the power that your solar panels generate. And more importantly, it could keep your home protected from surging electricity prices as well as provide backup during power outages.

Exterior view of a home at night during a thunderstorm

1. Being prepared for power outages

Let’s face it, power outages can be scary, and they are increasing every year. Solar batteries can be a great way to protect your home against power outages, depending on your situation.

Even an instantaneous flash outage is a pain, but severe outages last for hours, days or even weeks. With more serious weather events affecting the U.S. each year, multi-day-long power outages are more and more likely.

For many people, living in their homes without power isn’t an option. If you’re lucky, you could find a neighbor with a noisy generator, or you could have your home backed up with power from your solar battery.

So, are solar batteries worth it?

When it comes to lower electric bills, backup during power outages and the ability to regulate your energy usage, solar batteries could be worth it for your home.

That said, it really does depend on your family’s needs, your budget, and the goals you set for your solar energy system. While reaching the right conclusion can seem overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be. One of our Solar Energy Specialists can help walk you through the options and make