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Virtual Home Render with Enphase Battery installed on home exterior


Power, control & peace of mind

Enphase: a fully integrated solar technology system

Since 2006, Enphase has revolutionized how solar power is made, used and saved by homeowners all over the world. Enphase unites inverter, battery and monitoring, providing the most versatile system in the industry. Combined with ADT’s 148 years of rock-solid reliability, Enphase’s fully integrated energy system brings you peace of mind even as the grid becomes less and less reliable.

Enphase IQ batteries

The Enphase IQ battery system is efficient, modular and affordable. It’s making home battery backup more practical for more people than ever.

Enphase’s unique AC-coupled modular battery architecture allows homeowners to start small and add storage capacity as their energy storage needs grow. And their patented lithium iron phosphate chemistry has set a new industry standard for safety.

An Enphase IQ battery puts you in control of your energy: When to store it, when to send it back to the grid and when to use backup power during an outage.


Enphase Microinverters

Revered as the “smartest microinverter yet,” Enphase Microinverters have transformed the solar industry. Enphase IQ Microinverters are able to enhance energy production and solar panel reliability.

While all home solar inverters convert direct current (DC) electricity into usable, alternating current (AC) electricity, Enphase microinverters do it on a module-level. This means they convert the electricity generated by each individual solar panel into AC. So, even if one solar module fails, the rest of the system continues to perform.

Enphase’s latest innovation, the IQ8 Microinverter, alleviates battery sizing restrictions to make Enphase battery ownership available to millions more homeowners.


Enphase IQ8 Microinverter

The Enphase App

The Enphase App is a powerful and intelligent companion to your Enphase Energy System. It tracks your solar panel production and consumption in real time and offers a detailed history for each panel by day, month, year or custom range.

The app lets you control how you manage your energy, when to store it and when to send excess energy to the grid. It also lets you disconnect your home from the energy grid with a tap of a button. It can even alert you to weather conditions so you can prepare for storms or anticipate days of bright sunshine and high energy production.


enphase app features

Enphase EV chargers

To get the most out of your electric vehicle, you want it to be ready to go when you are. Charging your EV should be simple—plug it in and walk away—but that doesn’t mean any EV Charger will do.

With Enphase’s rugged, intelligent and reliable IQ EV Chargers, you’ll know that you’ll be ready to go. Enphase’s suite of energy products helps you maximize savings by using a combination of solar, battery power, and off-peak grid energy to fuel your ride.

Enphase’s IQ line of EV Level 2 chargers combine safety and intelligence to provide seamless charging for your EV. The tough NEMA 4-rated weatherproof enclosure and 25-foot charging cable allows for flexible indoor or outdoor installation. Rugged design of the charging cables helps the charger resist everyday wear-and-tear.


All working together to bring you power, control & peace of mind

Example of Enphase System, Battery and homeowner using the Enphase App

Power your home with all-in-one solar, storage and software

When you go solar with ADT Solar, you know that you’re getting equipment that leads the industry in quality and capability. That’s why we work with partners like Enphase whose products are designed to improve each and every homeowner’s solar system. You can also read about what Enphase has to say about ADT Solar on their blog.

Schedule a free consultation with an ADT Solar Energy Specialist to show you how much a home solar system with Enphase technology can save you in electricity bills.


solar panels covering entire roof