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Solar Company in Arizona

Solar energy backed by a brand you trust in Arizona


Service area update

ADT Solar is honored to have serviced communities across the state of Arizona. While we make changes in certain areas, rest assured that we will continue to fulfill warranties on previously installed systems. Our dedicated customer support team is happy to answer any questions you might have about your system going forward. You can reach them at (833) 409-1007.

Trusted solar panel company in Arizona

ADT Solar is a leading solar company in Arizona, providing homeowners with reliable solar panel systems. At ADT Solar, we can assist homeowners every step of the way! We’ll start you off with a free solar consultation, where we’ll assess the specific needs of your home. We’ll analyze your previous utility bills and other factors to determine how many solar panels are right for your home.

We have extensive roofing experience, so we know how to make sure the integrity of your roof isn’t compromised during our work. We will treat your home as if it were our own by doing everything professionally and with care, including cleaning up after the installation.

When you choose an ADT solar panel system, you’re choosing:

  • Insights about energy production in real-time
  • Brands you can trust
  • Solar panels that are built for efficiency and aesthetics
  • 25-year warranties to back your solar installation

As a trusted solar company in Arizona, we work to keep you informed every step of the way, giving you satisfying results. We also offer financing options for home solar systems.

Why choose ADT Solar?

ADT has been the most trusted brand in smart home security for over 147 years. With the largest network of more than 20,000 smart home security professionals in 300 locations, ADT is #1 in smart home security across the United States.

ADT Solar provides our customers a safe, smart and sustainable home. We are a fully-licensed solar company that’s committed to providing exceptional customer service. We educate homeowners so that they not only reap the benefits of going solar, but they’re also informed about their solar panel systems.

Benefits of ADT Solar:

  • 25-year labor guarantee
  • 25-year power production guarantee
  • 25-year panel module performance guarantee
  • 25-year Enphase microinverters guarantee
  • 100% customer satisfaction

Flexible financing options

Now we’ve made it even easier to go solar with ADT Solar! Through our partnership with industry-leader SunPower Financial, you can lease your ADT Solar home energy system. Check out all your options with one of our Solar Energy Specialists today.

Our goal is to provide homeowners in Arizona with quality solar installations and excellent customer service.

Going solar? Start with the basics

Home solar explained by ADT Solar

The cost of solar panels

Do solar panels work during a power outage?

Arizona solar panel installation

With ADT Solar, your Arizona home is protected, connected and powered. This means an integrated home experience that includes security, automation and energy management by a well-established solar panel company. Since 2008, ADT Solar has a proven history and reputation for providing quality service.

Your installations will be completely professional and timely. Rest assured that a licensed and insured company with years of experience in roofing and solar panel installation have got you covered…literally! You can take advantage of some of the best warranties you can find in the solar industry.

adt solar energy specialist consulting with homeowner holding a tablet device

Custom design

Our Solar Energy Specialists assess the unique energy usage of your home, identifying your energy and savings goals, to create a customized design for your solar panel system installation.

adt solar installer standing on a roof holding a solar panel

Solar Installation

Using the highest industry standards, trusted equipment and a licensed, insured team, we offer a professional solar installation.

A person holding a mobile device with the Enphase energy monitoring application on the screen

Production monitoring

Homeowners can monitor their solar production from anywhere in real time. You can see just how much energy your solar panels produce and how much energy your home uses.

solar panels installed on home in arizona

The rising cost of electricity in Arizona

While Arizona’s electric prices are just below the U.S. average, Arizona ranks as the 2nd highest prices in the western states after California.

So what can you do about it? Installing solar panels on your home increases your energy independence. And you can put all that Arizona sunshine to work for you.


Arizona solar battery storage

When you choose to go solar, it could be quite beneficial to add on solar battery storage. Sometimes, solar panels create more energy than your home needs. In Arizona, you might be able to save money with the net billing program, which sends your excess electricity back to the power grid.

But what if you want to hang onto your power? Without solar battery storage, there’s no way to save this energy for later, whether it’s during a power outage or at night. A solar battery, such as the Enphase Battery Storage, could offer protection against blackouts, keeping your home powered when you aren’t able to use your solar panels. Solar battery storage can bring you peace of mind. You can be sure that your solar system can keep the family protected and comfortable when you need it most.

Enphase Battery Storage offers one of the most reliable solar batteries out there. Enphase Energy offers powerful backup battery products that store your excess solar energy for later use. With the Enphase Battery Storage, you can expect:

  • Low upfront costs that keep your budget in mind
  • Higher performance at 96% round-trip efficiency
  • Greater reliability with a minimum 10-year expected life
  • Safer storage certified by TUV Rheinland without a high-voltage DC in the system

Schedule a free consultation with an ADT Solar Specialist to show you how much a home solar system with Enphase technology can save you in electricity bills.

Arizona solar incentives, tax credits & rebates

Solar incentives can be a great way to budget for homeowners looking to purchase solar panel systems. In fact, there are a few great incentives that are specific to the state of Arizona that make solar panels affordable. Be sure to read our full guide on Arizona solar incentives. For now, we’ve compiled a list of solar incentives you won’t want to miss.

  • Federal Solar Tax Credit – When homeowners install solar panels, they could receive up to 30% in federal tax credits.
  • Residential Arizona Solar Tax Credit – Homeowners who go solar in Arizona could receive a credit of 25% of the cost of your solar system, up to $1,000.
  • Solar Equipment Sales Tax Exemption – This exemption excludes homeowners from paying sales tax on their solar equipment.
  • Energy Property Tax Exemption – This exemption means that property taxes will not increase when you install a solar PV system installed on your home in Arizona.
solar panels on roofline in arizona
Is solar worth it in Arizona?

As an increasing number of homeowners embrace solar panels every year, you may be left wondering, is solar worth it in Arizona? While solar panels are likely to be a good fit for most homeowners in Arizona experiencing high energy costs, we encourage every homeowner to consider these factors before purchasing solar panels. Reasons Why…

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Get a free solar estimate

While the specifics of your home are unique, solar is a clean energy alternative that captures sunlight to generate electricity. With so much sun to go around in Arizona, solar panels are a chance to reduce your carbon footprint, relieve some of the demand from the power grid, and, of course, power your home. Currently, Arizona ranks 5th place in solar installations with enough solar to power nearly a million homes! You could be among many when you choose to go solar. Find out all of the benefits of going solar in Arizona for your home by contacting one of our Solar Energy Specialists today!

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Arizona Solar FAQ

Will solar panels increase the value of my home in Arizona?

Home listings with solar spend 13.3% less time on the market and are 24.7% more likely to sell over ask (1). Since using solar energy offers a number of benefits for homeowners, a solar panel system is considered an attractive amenity.

Does Arizona have a solar tax credit?

Yes, the state of Arizona offers the residential solar tax credit for all homeowners. This credit allows homeowners to potentially receive 25% of the cost of your panels on your state income tax (up to a maximum of $1,000) in the year you install the system.

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