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Empowering people and powering homes in Colorado


Service area update

ADT Solar is honored to have serviced communities across the state of Colorado. While we make changes in certain areas, rest assured that we will continue to fulfill warranties on previously installed systems. Our dedicated customer support team is happy to answer any questions you might have about your system going forward. You can reach them at (833) 409-1007.

Trusted Colorado Solar Company

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With a strong reputation for quality solar panel installations, ADT Solar is a trusted solar company in Colorado. Whether you’re interested in lowering your high energy bills* or reducing your personal carbon footprint, our team works closely with you to ensure you’re taking advantage of all the benefits solar energy has to offer.

With ADT Solar, you can expect:

  • Strong 25-Year product and labor warranties
  • High-performance solar panel systems
  • Knowledgeable customer service team
  • Free home energy audit

Flexible financing options

Now we’ve made it even easier to go solar with ADT Solar! Through our partnership with industry-leader SunPower Financial, you can lease your ADT Solar home energy system. Check out all your options with one of our Solar Energy Specialists today.

If you’re looking for a reliable solar company in Colorado that can help you harness the power of the sun, look no further than ADT Solar. With our commitment to quality installations and excellent customer service, we’re confident we can bring the right solar solutions to you. Schedule your free, no-obligation consultation today by calling 866-450-1012 or by filling out the short form below.

Why go solar in Colorado?

Colorado has become a popular state for rooftop solar panels due to the benefits it offers for homeowners. In fact, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), Colorado currently ranks 13th in the US for solar adoption.(1) However, that doesn’t mean solar is ideal for every home.

This past winter season, many homeowners experienced a surge in heating costs, which was noticeably higher compared to energy bills from the previous year. If you’re finding yourself with high energy bills, installing solar panels can be a great way to reduce your lower your energy bills, and they can even increase your home’s value.(2) You can also take advantage of solar incentives, such as the 30% federal solar tax credit, to make your solar installation more affordable.

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Solar panel installation services in Colorado

ADT Solar provides high-quality solar installation services to Colorado homeowners. Our experienced team of solar energy specialists works closely with you to custom design a solar energy system for your home’s energy needs. Our systems are versatile and can produce solar energy in a variety of temperatures, including Colorado’s cold wintery season. Each system consists of equipment from the most reputable brands in the solar industry and is installed according to the highest industry standards.

What you can expect from an ADT Solar Energy system:

  • Access to real-time production data
  • Long-lasting, high-quality equipment
  • Efficient performance from the panels
  • Backed by 25-year warranties

Every solar installation by ADT Solar is backed by a strong 25-year product and labor warranty. You can rest assured your ADT Solar energy system will deliver reliable and efficient performance for years to come. In addition to designing and installing your solar energy system, our team also takes care of local permits and can even assist with HOA approval forms. We make your solar installation as easy as possible with free estimates and financing options.

adt solar energy specialist consulting with homeowner holding a tablet device


During your free consultation, our team discusses financing and reviews your home’s energy needs to offer the right solar solution.

adt solar installer standing on a roof holding a solar panel


Our Solar Energy Specialists combine technology and expertise to custom design a solar energy system that fits your unique energy needs.

ADT Solar energy specialists carrying a Solar Panel to install


After design approval, our team handles the entire process including obtaining permits, mounting the solar panels, and connecting your system to the grid.

Protect your home with a home backup battery

Installing a home backup battery with your solar energy system allows you to store excess solar energy produced by your solar panels. This excess energy can be used to power your home at night or during the peak hours of time-of-use electricity plans ― when electricity is at its highest demand.
A solar backup battery provides protection against power outages caused by adverse weather and other conditions by keeping your home powered.** The Enphase backup battery prioritizes power backup by detecting approaching storms and integrates seamlessly into ADT Solar energy systems.

Production monitoring

With an ADT Solar energy system, you can monitor your system status and track exactly how much energy your system is producing down to the panel-level through the Enphase app. This powerful tool allows you to track energy production, create daily reports and can even show you how the weather conditions are affecting your energy production.

Colorado solar incentives

Going solar in Colorado is a great way to save money on high energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint, and now with solar incentives, it has never been more affordable to install solar panels. There are a few generous incentives for installing solar panels in Colorado, including the 30% federal solar tax credit and net metering programs. Installing solar panels in your home also helps increase its property value(2), without the burden of an increase in property tax.

  • Federal solar tax credit – Now known as the Residential Clean Energy Credit, this federal tax credit is worth 30% of the total cost of your solar energy system (including equipment and labor).1
  • Net metering – Some utility companies offer their customers a net metering program for their customers that allows them to sell back their excess solar energy.2
    Property tax exemption – Colorado homes are exempt from property tax increases arising from the appraised value of adding a residential solar energy system.
  • Solar rebates – Utility companies sometimes incentivizes solar energy by providing customers with rebates on their solar panels. Our team can discuss with you whether your utility company offers such a program.

Our team at ADT Solar will help you navigate the solar incentives in Colorado to ensure you get the maximum benefit out of your solar panel system.

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Installing solar panels can be a great choice for homeowners looking to lower their high electric bills and reduce their personal carbon footprint. With high-quality products and expert installation, you can have peace of mind knowing ADT Solar will deliver a reliable, high-performance solar panel system. Don’t wait to start enjoying the benefits of solar energy – contact ADT Solar today to schedule your free, no-obligation solar consultation.

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