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Solar Company in Georgia

Empower your world with solar energy in Georgia


ADT Solar is honored to have serviced communities across various regions in the state of Georgia. While we make changes in certain areas, homeowners in Atlanta and Augusta can expect our continued commitment to solar panel installation services. For areas we are no longer installing in, rest assured that we will continue to fulfill warranties on previously installed systems. Our dedicated customer support team is happy to answer any questions you might have about your system going forward. You can reach them at (833) 409-1007.

Leading Solar Installer in Georgia

ADT Solar is a leading solar installer in Georgia, helping homeowners all over the Peach State power their homes with reliable solar panels. We treat every home we work on as if it were our own, going the extra mile to get your system right. That’s why we only partner with top rated suppliers ― such as Tesla, Enphase and especially Qcells, made right here in Georgia. And don’t forget–we back your system with a 25-year warranty.

A sleek and efficient solar energy system can help you turn the South’s bountiful sunshine into electricity, shielding you from Georgia Power’s impending rate hikes (1). And an ADT Solar array can provide you with real-time data about your home, so you can track how much you’re saving every day. Going solar in Georgia is easy as can be – we’ll make the whole process hassle-free. On top of our expertise in solar technology, our team has extensive roofing experience. We’ll assess your roof before installation to ensure it’s ready for a top-notch solar energy system, and we’ll ensure the integrity of your roof throughout the whole process. In Georgia, ADT Solar is your best option for a solar energy system.

Why Choose ADT Solar?

Investing in a solar energy system for your home is a big commitment. As a company that has been safeguarding homes for over 145 years, we share that same commitment. We are proud to be one of the most trusted companies in America, and we bring that same pride and care to powering your home with clean, efficient solar energy. Having a track record nearly a century-and-a-half long means our fully-licensed team has performed installations for countless homeowners and that we’ll be around to back our industry-leading 25-year warranty.

ADT Solar has built its reputation on exceptional customer service. When we come to talk with you, we’re there to educate you about the technology and the process of going solar.

Benefits of ADT Solar:

  • 25-year labor guarantee
  • 25-year power production guarantee
  • 25-year panel module performance guarantee
  • 25-year Enphase microinverters guarantee
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Roof replacement experts

The best technology and equipment, expertise and value makes ADT Solar the perfect choice for your solar energy system. To learn more about installing solar with one of the most trusted brands in the nation, click below.

If you’re ready to go solar in Georgia with a reliable solar company contact ADT Solar. We can offer a no-obligation, free quote for a solar panel installation in Georgia.

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The cost of solar panels

Do solar panels work during a power outage?

Residential solar installations in Georgia

By working with ADT Solar, you’ll know that there’s over 145-years of trust and know-how behind the solar energy system that will power your home for decades. ADT Solar’s home energy system brings technology from the best manufacturers in the world to your project. Our 25-year labor and product warranties ensure that your solar array is working for you now and long into the future.

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Reliable performance

ADT Solar’s power production guarantee is based on using only the most trusted brands in our installations. By working with Innovative manufacturers like Enphase, we’re able to offer a power production guarantee and a 25-year warranty on your solar project.

A person holding a mobile device with the Enphase energy monitoring application on the screen

Production monitoring

Once your rooftop solar system is generating energy, you’ll want to know how much. Our mobile software lets you monitor the system and direct how your home uses the energy.

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Start saving with solar panels

Georgia Power has proposed rate hikes for the next three years and there will be more to come. A solar energy system is a great way to protect yourself from the skyrocketing costs of electricity in Georgia.

Solar battery backups for Georgia homes

During peak hours of sunlight, your solar panels may end up capturing more energy than your home needs. Put the extra energy to work for your utility bills. A solar battery backup is just what Georgia homeowners need.

Solar batteries are a great investment and, even better, the cost of solar batteries has decreased by 90%. Affordable, energy independence is what makes a solar battery a great option for so many people. And with statewide net metering in Georgia, you’ll experience even more savings with credits toward future energy bills.

Better yet, your purchase of a solar battery backup like the Tesla Powerwall or Enphase Encharge is covered by the 30% Federal Solar Tax Credit (when eligible).

enphase solar battery installed on a home

Home solar battery backup guide

Home solar battery backup can help you reduce your impact on the planet, cut down on your energy bills, take control of your home’s energy and prepare for power outages.


Georgia solar incentives & tax credits

Most folks that consider solar want to know when their break-even point comes–that’s when the money spent on a solar energy system equals the amount you’ve saved by generating your own energy. There are two big factors in that calculation: How much you pay for your system, and the price you would have to pay for electricity if you didn’t have solar panels. With the cost of electricity skyrocketing, break even comes faster. But what can really help get you there are incentives the government and local utilities offer.

  • Federal Solar Tax Credit – Starting in 2022, the federal government is offering a tax credit worth 30% of the cost of your solar system, including labor costs and batteries.*
  • Georgia Power’s Solar Buy Back program–Georgia’s largest public utility will pay you in statement credits for excess electricity you generate and send back into the grid.
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Get a free solar estimate in Georgia

Our experts make every effort to answer any questions you may have and help you take advantage of every solar incentive available to you. In fact, if you’re a resident of Georgia, you’ll be happy to know you qualify for the federal solar tax credit which could save you 30% of the total cost of your solar energy system*. Find out how you start lowering your electric bills with solar panels by getting a free, no-obligation solar panel quote during your consultation.


Georgia Solar FAQ

Does Georgia have a solar tax credit?

Unfortunately Georgia does not have a state solar tax credit, but residents can still take advantage of the 30% federal solar tax credit.

Do solar panels increase home value in Georgia?

Homeowners in Georgia can expect a home value increase just for having solar panels installed in their homes. In a report from the Appraisal Journal, your home’s value will increase by $20 for every $1 saved annually on your electric bills.

For example, if your solar energy system saves you $500 dollars annually in energy costs, you can increase a $10,000 increase. Now that’s a value most property owners can’t pass up.