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Solar Installation in Augusta, GA

Now is the time to get solar panels for your roof in Augusta. With electricity rates constantly going up and electric bills steadily getting higher every month, now is the time to fire your electric company and go solar.

Beyond reducing your electric bill and helping the planet earth, there are several other financial reasons to add solar panels to your home’s rooftop.

Augusta, GA Solar Incentives & Tax Credits

Residents of Georgia have several ways that they can save with solar panels. Beyond getting your energy from the sun for free, there are incentives and rebates that can dramatically cut the cost of your home’s solar system.

Federal Solar Tax Credit

Until the end of this year, the Federal Government is offering a 30% solar tax credit. In other words, you can cut the cost of your solar system by almost a third in the form of tax credits. If you don’t use them all on this year’s taxes, they do roll over.

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Georgia Power Solar Net Metering

Solar net metering can reduce your power bill significantly.

With net metering, a homeowner that was paying their electric company hundreds of dollars every month, will now receive a credit from the electric company for any excess energy produced by their solar panels. At night, when there’s no sun, they’ll be billed by the electric company for any power they may use. They can use their credits from the day time to pay for that electricity. The result is an often significantly lower electric bill.

Here’s an example of how net metering works with Georgia Power.

Utility Company Buyback System Program Limits
Georgia Power Georgia Power offers a unique buyback program. They purchase renewable energy from eligible providers until cumulative generative capacity reaches a specific amount set by the Georgia Public Service Commission. This program is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Limitation on system size is 10 kW for residential and 250 kW for commercial.

Solar Easements Act for Augusta Solar Panels

A solar easement won’t save you money today, but it could protect your solar investment and ensure that your solar panels are saving your money for a long time.

In 2015, the Georgia legislature passed a solar easement to protect homeowners from having their solar panels blocked by neighbor’s trees.

A large factor in the amount of electricity produced by rooftop solar panels is the amount of shade. Ideally, you’ll want minimal to no trees blocking the sun from reaching your panels. An easement will create an agreement that sets restrictions on the height of trees or buildings that could shade your panels and reduce their energy production.

Not every state offers this easement, so this is a major plus for solar in Georgia.

ADT Solar, Trusted Augusta, GA Solar Panel Company

ADT Solar is one of the premier solar installers in August, GA. In 2021, Solar Power World ranked us as the largest solar installer in the state of Georgia and the second largest in the nation.

Our goal is to ensure your rooftop solar is installed correctly, that you get the maximum energy from the sun and that you are 100% satisfied with our work.

Our focus is on quality. We use only premium, high-efficiency solar panels, and high-quality microinverters. Each of our installations includes the ADT Solar 25 year production guarantee and a 25-year labor warranty. The solar panels we use come with 25-year manufacturer warranties, and the Enphase microinverters come with a 25-year warranty.

We also conduct a free home energy audit with each installation that we do to help reduce your overall energy consumption and help you save money in the long term.

Schedule your free consultation today to see just how much you can save with solar panels.