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Make life sunnier with solar panels in Illinois

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Trusted solar installer in Illinois

As a leading solar company in Illinois, ADT Solar provides homeowners with high quality, reliable solar panel systems. We’re proud of the arrays we install, which are designed with cool features like real-time production data. In addition to these bells and whistles, you can rest assured that we partner with trusted brands to offer you high quality, long-lasting equipment.

Other benefits of choosing ADT Solar as your Illinois solar installer include:

  • 25-year warranties on our work and products
  • Roofing expertise that we use to protect your roof
  • Efficient and attractive solar panels
  • Attention to detail
  • Commitment to superior, long-lasting work
  • Assistance in obtaining needed permits

ADT Solar helps you capture and use an abundant form of renewable energy ―the sun― to power components of your home. We handle all our installations with great expertise and care.

Why choose ADT Solar in Illinois?

If you’re looking for an honest, reliable Illinois solar installer, look no further. ADT Solar uses only experienced and qualified solar installers and high-quality brands for our materials such as Q Cells solar panels and Enphase microinverters. We use nothing but the best people and the best brands because that’s exactly what our customers deserve.

In addition, each solar panel installation we perform also comes with our 25 year Labor Warranty and our 25 year Production Guarantee. We will also perform a full energy audit on your home to ensure that you get the maximum possible savings with your solar panel system.

When you entrust your solar panel installation in Illinois to ADT Solar, you get the peace of mind that comes with a reputable brand. We’ve outlasted many other solar panel installers in Illinois by refusing to settle for less than the very best for our customers. This means you’ll get top notch equipment and stellar service for the lifetime of your solar energy system.

Flexible financing options

Now we’ve made it even easier to go solar with ADT Solar! Through our partnership with industry-leader SunPower Financial, you can lease your ADT Solar home energy system. Check out all your options with one of our Solar Energy Specialists today.


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The cost of solar panels

Do solar panels work during a power outage?

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Call (866) 450-1012 or enter your information. An ADT Solar Energy Specialist will contact you to schedule your estimate and help you determine if solar is right for you.

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Solar panel installation services in Illinois

Thanks to many years spent installing solar energy systems, ADT Solar has developed advanced expertise in the field. It’s this expertise, along with our awareness of how important quality is, that drives us to seek out the best. Included in these efforts is partnerships with top solar panel manufacturers. The panels ADT Solar installs not only perform well, but they also withstand environmental stressors to last for a long time. Plus, you’ll get a fully licensed and insured team of professionals and solid 25-year labor and product warranties.

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Custom Designed

During the decision-making process, you’ll share your financial goals and energy needs with one of our Solar Energy Specialists. From there, we’ll design a solar panel system customized to meet those needs and goals.

adt solar installer standing on a roof holding a solar panel

Solar Installation

You don’t have to worry when you entrust your solar panel installation to ADT Solar. We’re professionals with years and years of experience, we always follow the highest industry standards and use some of the highest quality equipment out there. We’ve got you covered, even your roof with our expertise in roofing as well.

A person holding a mobile device with the Enphase energy monitoring application on the screen

Production monitoring

Monitor and manage your home’s solar energy usage on-the-go with the Enphase app. Enjoy remote access to information like how much your solar panels are producing and utilizing at any given moment. The app gives you crucial visibility into your solar panel system.

Save with solar energy

By installing Illinois solar panels, you’ll be able to avoid rising electric rates and will get to enjoy energy independence for years to come. As of February 2023, the average cost of electricity in Illinois is residential electricity rate is 17.27 ¢/kWh.(4) That’s 10% higher than the national average. Although this is always changing, you can help protect your home from future electricity spikes by adding solar energy to your home to help offset your home’s energy needs.

Home Battery Storage

Installing a reliable solar battery backup such as the Enphase Encharge can maximize your energy savings by storing solar energy. When there’s no more sun during the night, your home will start drawing clean, renewable solar energy from your solar storage as opposed to drawing electricity from the grid. The best part is, your solar backup can continue to supply your home with energy in the case of a power outage.

Illinois solar incentives, tax credits & rebates

If you’re thinking about purchasing residential solar in Illinois, you’ll want to know about the solar incentives available to you. With varying options that include a federal tax credit and a property tax exemption, these incentives are attractive in different ways. Most importantly, they can decrease your buyback period.

  • Federal solar tax credit – Homeowners who go solar can get a 30% credit on their federal taxes if their solar energy system is eligible*.
  • Net metering – You could earn credits on your electric bill by selling the excess energy your array produces to your utility company1.
  • Solar renewable energy certificates (SRECs) – Also known as Illinois Shines/Adjustable Block Program, SRECs are credits you can earn depending on your solar panel system’s production. You earn one certificate for each MWh of electricity your solar system produces over 15 years (1).
  • Property tax exemption – According to the terms of this solar incentive, installing a rooftop array won’t increase your property taxes (2).
  • Illinois solar rebate program – You could be eligible for a solar rebate from your utility company.
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Are solar panels worth it in Illinois?

Are solar panels worth it in Illinois? No doubt you’ve heard about the new climate bill. Maybe that’s got you wondering about how you can reap the benefits and possibly help save the planet. Or, maybe you’re just curious about all the hubbub surrounding solar energy. Whatever your reason for considering solar panels, it’s important…

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Free solar panel quote for Illinois residents

If you’re ready to take the next step, or even if you’re considering what it would take to get you there, contact us to discover all your options. We install solar and roofs in the state of Illinois. Contact us today to see if we service your area and get free solar quotes for your particular needs.


Illinois solar FAQ

Are Solar Panels Worth it in Illinois?

Solar panels in Illinois can be worth it for homeowners thanks to attractive solar incentives, the chance to save on your energy costs and the opportunity to increase the property value of your home. 

Do solar panels increase home value in Illinois?

Yes, getting solar panels installed can increase the value of your home. How much, exactly, depends on the current real estate market and the individual details of your property.

What is the cost of going solar in Illinois?

Solar panels are not only increasing every year in popularity and efficiency, but they’re also decreasing in price. In fact, according to the SEIA, prices have fallen 43% over the last 5 years as a result of the advancement in solar technology along with Illinois’ favorable solar incentives.

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all for the cost of solar panels due to the various factors involved in determining prices such as solar array size, sunshine exposure, and energy consumption. For an accurate estimate on the cost of a solar energy system for your home, our solar specialists provide a free solar estimate based on your unique situation such as energy and saving goals.