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Solar Company in Indiana

Shine brightly with solar in Indiana

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ADT Solar is coming to Indiana

ADT Solar has a reputation for providing homeowners with reliable solar solutions and now we’re excited to announce we’re coming soon to Indiana to do the same! Be on the lookout for when our solar company begins to provide solar panel installation services in Indiana.

In the mean time, solar panels have become more cost-efficient over the last decade. This means Indiana homeowners are turning to the sun for their energy needs now more than ever. Learn about why solar panels make sense here.

Solar Panels in Indiana

If high electric bills or power outages haven’t had you wondering about solar panels in Indiana, then maybe it’s the production of clean, renewable energy. Solar is one of the fastest-growing energy sources with a surplus of sustainable energy — the sun! With 939 megawatts of solar installed in the state of Indiana, it’s clear that your fellow Hoosiers are learning there are more and more reasons to go solar.

Many residents want to explore ways to limit their energy consumption and lower their environmental footprint. Fortunately, there’s been a concerted effort from many states across the U.S. to seek clean electricity through renewable portfolio standard. Indiana’s one of them. Through the Comprehensive Hoosier Option to Incentivize Cleaner Energy (or CHOICE), Indiana has committed to expanding the amount of clean energy resources in their utility profile.

Are Solar Panels Worth it in Indiana?

With 186 sunny days, solar panels in Indiana are totally worth it. As of 2021, Indiana has jumped over 10 spots to land at 20th in the national ranking for solar panel installers in the U.S. However, the decision to go solar comes with a list of solar myths to be debunked, but once you go solar, you never go back.

Take a look at the current landscape of the utility bills of Indiana’s homeowners in the last ten years.

Indiana’s Electricity Snapshot

Indiana is one of the top states for coal and natural gas energy production. So, Indiana has been slow to utilize solar panels. Coincidentally, residential electricity rates in Indiana average 10 cents per kWh, totaling about $105 a month as the average utility bill.

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, Indiana residents consume about 997 kWh/month. Subsequently, there is a high demand for energy. As a result, the cost to produce the power that fuels your homes will only rise. Isn’t it about time you stopped paying so much to power your home? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should consider going solar.

Benefits of Indiana Solar Power

If you’re looking for a great investment in your home, Indiana solar power is the way to go. Solar energy produces clean, renewable power and infinite savings for homes across the United States. Moreover, Indiana is one of the states that have instituted solar easement and rights laws. These laws prohibit zoning committees from limiting the rights of residents to use energy from the sun.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why solar panels are a must in Indiana.

Do Solar Panels Save Money?

Solar panels in Indiana will absolutely save you money. Indiana’s energy prices are projected to continue to rise, especially with the persistent use of fossil fuels to generate electricity. However, solar panels in your home will slash the cost of your monthly electric bill. Moreover, your home’s finances will be largely unaffected by rate increases.

For the most information about solar panels, contact one of our Solar Energy Specialists to find out all the ways going solar can boost your budget.

Shine on Solar Power.

In Indiana, there’s almost just as many cloudy days as there are sunny days. You’ve got to be wondering, “Do solar panels work on cloudy days?” In short, the answer is yes. Remember: solar panels convert sunlight to electricity. While it’s possible to still calculate peak sun hours for your solar panels, clouds are the sun’s assistants in getting you your energy. Clouds help to magnify and reflect the light from the sun. As a result, the sunlight penetrate surrounding clouds and shine headfirst into your solar panels. Solar panels are a great way to maximize the use of this natural resource. It’s time to create clean energy for your consumption. Don’t let a little cloudiness dampen your home’s ability to turn sunlight into power.

Lower Carbon Emissions.

Environmental sustainability is a growing concern. People are now more conscious than ever about how what they do impacts the world around them. Solar panels are a leap in the right direction. They increase the self-sufficiency of your home by generating clean energy. It’s completely possible to reduce your carbon imprint and make your home more energy efficient.

Solar Technological Advancements.

Solar technology is constantly improving the ways we consume energy and generate more solar power. This is an industry where the tech remains supercharged and affordable with the latest solar advancements. Check out the Enphase Encharge, the reliable power solution that brings your battery backup game to the next level. When you add a powerful battery backup to your solar system, like the resilient Enphase Encharge, you can get the greatest value from your solar investment. There’s always new tech to pair with your solar panels to optimize the way your home utilizes solar.

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost in Indiana?

If you’re planning to turn sunshine into savings, you definitely need to ask yourself, “How much does solar cost in Indiana?” While there are many factors that contribute to the cost of solar panels in Indiana, your home could benefit from around $2,000 by switching to solar. Take into account the specifics of your home, your lifestyle, and the particulars of where you live to make the best decision.

Keep scrolling to find out more about why you should go solar and some of the great incentives Indiana has to offer its residents for their sun-forward decision.

Indiana Solar Incentives, Tax Credits, and Rebates

If you’re looking for Indiana solar incentives, there are many resources available. With tax credits and other solar rebates, the decision to seek out solar panel companies in Indiana is a great one. There are amazing financial discounts! These will help take your savings off the top, reducing the overall cost of solar and making the purchase of solar panels an appealing one for your family. Let’s take a look at a few of the great things home solar panels Indiana residents can enjoy.

Indiana Solar Net Metering

Wondering what savings solar can bring home? Net metering is a great benefit of solar installation and a major proponent of why people go solar. While Indiana has made some recent changes to the amount of credit utility companies will provide, net metering is still an awesome perk of solar energy. Net metering is a partnership between you and your electricity company to create a rebate opportunity for your budget. You can roll your excess energy back to your electric company for a credit on your bill.

Here’s how it works: solar panel technology generates an overflow of electricity. This energy is more than enough to power your home. Therefore, it becomes a rollback to your utility company for a profit. Net metering allows for this transaction, where your electricity company will credit your account for excess energy. In some cases, net metering drastically lowers your monthly payments or zeroes you out completely.

Learn more about Indiana’s net metering policies.

Solar Federal Tax Credit

One of the biggest reasons to go solar is the solar federal tax credit. The solar federal solar tax credit (also known as the ITC, or the investment tax credit) offers a 26% credit  in the U.S. This spectacular 30% credit can be applied to your entire solar energy system cost, including the batteries.*

Residential Property Tax Exemption

A new set of home solar panels in Indiana will greatly increase the value of your house and unlock other tax benefits for using solar energy. If you’re a homeowner looking into solar, there just might be savings on the horizon. In Indiana, certain counties are partially or completely exempt from property taxes when they decide to install renewable energy systems, like a high-powered solar system with a battery backup, onto their homes.

In summary, these benefits will lessen the upfront cost of your solar lease and make the conversion easier for your home.