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ADT Solar: Trusted Solar Company in Missouri

Homeowners in Missouri are choosing to go solar more than ever thanks to a combination of federal, state, and local solar power incentives. Finding the right solar installer in Missouri may be overwhelming, but ADT Solar, a top-rated solar company has you covered. ADT Solar has a reputation for providing quality service since 2008 and in 2021 Solar Power World ranked ADT Solar, formerly Sunpro Solar, #2 for Top Residential Solar Installer in the United States. Let’s go through some of the most important things to be aware of when choosing a solar panel installer in Missouri.

Missouri Solar Panels

The Show-Me State is home to the famous Gateway Arch, BBQ, Budweiser, and Mark Twain. But one thing you may not know that’s gaining popularity in Missouri is clean energy in the form of solar power, thanks in part due to Missouri’s strong renewable portfolio standard (RPS) over the last decade.

Missouri gets decent sunlight to support home solar panel systems, averaging around five hours of peak sunlight a day. This makes solar panels a great investment in Missouri, on top of all the incentives available to homeowners. Not only do they help keep the environment healthy and clean, but they also give you fantastic savings each month by lowering your electric bill.

There’s been enough solar power installed in Missouri to power over 33,623 homes. With solar panel installations becoming increasingly affordable and accessible to homeowners every year, this number is expected to only increase over the next decade.

Are Solar Panels Worth It in Missouri?

Cost of Solar Panels in Missouri

A solar panel installation in Missouri ranges in cost based on a number of factors such as your electricity usage, sunlight exposure, solar equipment, and solar incentives available. The good news is, the cost of solar panels has fallen over 43% over the last five years.

The best way to get an accurate estimate on a solar panel installation in your home is by getting a free quote from one of our solar specialists. We’ll take into account every aspect of your unique situation to give you an accurate estimate and answer any questions you may have.

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Missouri Solar Incentives, Tax Credits & Rebates

Solar panels are not only increasing every year in popularity and efficiency, they’re also decreasing in price. By installing Missouri solar panels, you’ll be able to avoid rising electric rates, and will get to enjoy energy independence for years to come. And with the 30% Federal Solar Tax Credits, ADT Solar’s 25-year labor warranty, and production guarantee, plus all the state and local solar incentives, there’s no better time to go solar than now!

Federal Solar Tax Credits for Missouri Solar Panels

One of the best ways to get your solar panels is to take advantage of the 30% Federal Tax Credit. Because the federal government knows just how important renewable energy is, they’ve implemented this incentive to encourage people to switch to solar. By taking advantage of this investment tax credit, you can get 30% of the total cost of your solar panels back in tax credits, including the cost of installation.*

Missouri Solar Panel Property Tax Exemption

Whenever you improve your home, it often means that your home value increases. This is a great perk, even though you have to pay increased property taxes. However, you don’t need to worry about that when you install solar panels. Thanks to the Missouri government, solar panels are completely property tax exempt. So you can enjoy all the added value your new solar PV system brings without paying any extra taxes.

missouri solar panel installersNet Metering for Missouri Solar Panels

Another way to fully capitalize on your solar panels is net metering. With net metering, any excess solar power that your panels produce is sent to your utility grid. Your utility company will then credit your account with that extra energy, which will further lower your monthly bill.

Currently, it is required for all utility companies to offer net metering to their customers for systems up to 100kW in size. In addition, any unused credits at the end of the month roll over, and are automatically applied to your next bill!

Solar Rebates for Missouri Solar Panels

If you need any further reason to install solar panels, look at all these rebates that are available.


Utility Company Requirements Notes
Columbia Water & Light
  • The owner of the system must be a customer of Columbia Power & Light.
  • The customer must complete and submit all required documentation.
  • The solar panel system must meet all required state and federal safety standards.
There are four tiers for rebates depending upon the size of the system:

  • 0-10 kW: $500 per kW for a max rebate of $5,000.
  • 10.1-50 kW: $400 per kW for a max rebate of $21,000.
  • 50.1-100 kW- $200 per kW for a max rebate of $31,000.
Liberty Utilities – Empire District
  • The owner of the system must be a customer of Empire District.
  • The customer must have a Net Metering Agreement currently on file with the company.
  • The system must be permanently installed upon the customer’s property.
  • Qualifying solar systems will receive a rebate of $0.25 per Watt.
  • Solar panel systems of more than 150 kW are not eligible for this rebate.
Ameren Missouri
  • The owner of the system must be a customer of Ameren.
  • The customer must complete and submit all required documentation and applications.
  • The solar panel system must meet all required state and federal safety standards.
  • Qualifying solar panel systems will receive a rebate of $0.25 per watt.
  • The maximum size for a residential solar panel system for this rebate is 25 kW.
  • The maximum size for a Commercial or Industrial customer is 150 kW.
Evergy – formerly Kansas City Power & Light
  • The owner of the system must be a customer of Evergy.
  • The customer must complete and submit all required documentation, including the rebate application.
  • All required documentation must be submitted prior to installation of the solar energy system.
  • The customer must complete construction of their system within 12 months of application approval.
  • The solar rebate will be paid upon completion of the project.
  • All qualifying solar panel systems will receive a rebate of $0.25 per watt.
  • Residential systems of greater than 25 kW must complete additional documentation.

Solar Panels Increase Home Value in Missouri

Not only do solar panels save you money, they also add value to your home for property owners in Missouri.

Even the experts agree! In a comprehensive report done by the  US Department of Energy and National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), they found out having solar panels installed to your home helps sell your home faster and get more money for it!

On average, solar panels add $20 of value for every $1 you save on your electric bill. So if you saved $200 a month on your electric bill with solar panels, you’d have an additional $4,000 of value added to your home.

And again in 2015 the Department of Energy and Berkeley Laboratory confirmed these findings with another study on the real estate market. After analyzing 22,000 homes, they found that homes with solar panels fetched a higher asking price than those without. About $4/watt, which comes out to be around $15,000 for residential, depending on your home and solar system.

In addition, solar panels can help your property spend less time on the market. In another study done by NREL, they found that solar properties earned about 17% more at closing, in addition to selling 20% faster.

Choosing ADT Solar as your Solar Panel Installer in Missouri

If you’re looking for an honest, reliable Missouri solar installer, look no further. ADT Solar uses only experienced and qualified solar installers, and high-quality brands for our materials such as LG solar panels and Enphase microinverters. We use nothing but the best people and the best brands because that’s exactly what our customers deserve.

In addition, each solar panel installation we perform also comes with our 25 year Labor Warranty, and our 25 year Production Guarantee. We will also perform a full energy audit on your home to ensure that you get the maximum possible savings with your solar panel system.

ADT Solar is here to provide all your solar needs. We offer turnkey solutions so you can switch to green, renewable energy with zero stress. To learn more about switching to solar, or to schedule your free consultation, simply call us today!

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