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ADT Solar has a proven history and reputation for providing quality service, and was ranked #2 for 2021 Solar Power World’s Top Residential Solar Installer in the United States. For over 145 years, homeowners have trusted ADT with their home security, and now you can trust us when choosing home solar. We are proud to offer some of the best warranties you can find in the solar industry and only use products that offer the same.

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Solar Power and the Triangle in North Carolina

It’s no secret that much of the braintrust of the mid-Atlantic resides in the Triangle. Between UNC, Duke, and North Carolina State, there are enough brains to figure out some of the world’s most intricate issues, including how to harness the power of the sun to generate electricity.  For instance…

In 2018, the University of North Carolina installed a solar farm on the former Horace Williams Airport property to help offset some of the University’s environmental footprint.

In 2021, North Carolina State partnered with a local solar power company to add solar panels to the roof of the Murphy Center, progressing their efforts to reduce their coal-backed energy needs by 40% since 2002.

In 2022, Duke University will have its newest solar farm up and running which, when combined with previous solar panel projects, is projected to result in a 69% drop in the University’s carbon emissions by the end of that year.

Weather and Solar Power in Chapel Hill

Clearly, the students and scientists in the Triangle know the benefits of going solar and are exploiting each of the 216 sunny days every year to their advantage.

Their involvement in solar panels may also be a direct cause to North Carolina being ranked #3 in the nation for solar power.

Oh, and the price to go solar has actually dropped 45% over the past 5 years!

But, let’s not stop there. There are a handful of incentives for residents to get solar panels in Chapel Hill, NC. So, without further ado – let’s dive into what those are.

Chapel Hill North Carolina Solar Incentives

North Carolina has plenty of incentives for going solar which makes the decision easy for homeowners in Chapel Hill. The best way to find out all the incentives available to you is by talking to a professional. Schedule a no-hassle consultation with a Solar Specialist at ADT Solar, who are trained in helping you go solar affordably and easily. For your reference, here is an overview of the incentives available to residents of North Carolina.

Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC)
Solar Panel Rebates through Duke Energy
North Carolina Net Metering
North Carolina Property Tax Exemption

Solar panels on a modern rooftop in North Carolina

Federal Investment Tax Credit

The ITC, or solar tax credit, could reduce the cost of residential solar panel arrays by 30%*, including solar battery. Find out more in our Guide to the Federal Solar Tax Credit.

Duke Energy Solar Panel Rebates

Duke Energy offers rebates to North Carolina customers who want to install a solar panel system. For homeowners, the program offers a $0.60/Watt rebate for systems up to 10 kilowatts.

So, for instance, an average 6 kilowatt (kW) system would be eligible for a rebate of $3,600.

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how net metering works

Net Metering

Net metering gives the power back to homeowners in Chapel Hill. In general, excess power generated is carried forward to the next billing cycle at the power company’s full retail rate.

These credits can also come in handy when the sun goes down at night, or if you have a particularly cloudy day (and don’t have a backup battery,) homeowners can utilize those credits and not come out-of-pocket for power used.

However,  these credits expire at the beginning of each summer billing season, so be sure to check with your power provider as to when that season begins.

Property Tax Exemption for North Carolina Solar Panels

When you install solar panels on your home, your property value increases. This is yet another great perk of installing solar panels! However, you may be concerned that this added value will also add to your property taxes. But don’t worry. The North Carolina government has decreed that 80% of the value of your solar panels is exempt from property taxes. The added value to your home will give you more sellers power should you ever need to move and are unable to take your solar panels with you.

Solar Panels Increase Home Value in Chapel Hill

Even the experts agree! In two separate studies by the Department of Energy and Berkeley Laboratory and US Department of Energy and National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), the evidence was clear.

On average, solar panels add $20 of value for every $1 you save on your electric bill. So if you saved $200 a month on your electric bill with solar panels, you’d have an additional $4,000 of value added to your home.

In addition, homes with solar panels on average got a higher asking price than those without. About $4/watt, which comes out to be around $15,000 for residential, depending on your home and solar system.

Solar panels can help your property spend less time on the market. In another study done by NREL, they found that solar properties earned about 17% more at closing as well as selling 20% faster.

What all this means: Solar panels add value to homes in Chapel Hill, NC. In addition, residents won’t have to pay additional taxes on the added value of having solar panels installed to their homes.

North Carolina Solar Access Laws

According to North Carolina Senate Bill 670, there are solar access laws that give the homeowner power over local ordinances to “utilize solar radiation” as energy on their “detached single-family residence” homes.

Occasionally homeowners associations will ask that a solar array not be visible from a road or common area of a neighborhood. However, if that orientation does not allow your panels to operate as efficiently as possible, you’re able to ignore that request and have your solar panel array installed where your installation development team deems best.

Your best bet is to talk to your HOA or COA in the early stages to hash these details out.

rooftop solar panels installed over north carolina home

Solar Panel Installation Chapel Hill, NC

Welp — there you have it. All the science. All the incentives. All the wholesome goodness that is solar power for Chapel Hill in one spot. The incentives to go solar are as awesome as the Carolina Basketball Museum, but unlike the legends you’ll see there, these incentives won’t be around forever.

If you’re convinced and wondering where to find a reputable solar installation team in Chapel Hill, NC, ADT Solar has you covered. It’s important to find a solar company that can back up your investment for years to come, including:

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