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Solar Company in Utah

Take back your power in Utah with solar

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ADT Solar: Your Upcoming Utah Solar Company

ADT Solar takes pride in providing homeowners with reliable solar panel systems across the nation. Every ADT Solar energy system is expertly installed by our team using the highest industry standards.

Above all, ADT Solar is one of the most trusted solar companies across the nation, and soon to be in Utah as well. We offer home solutions from solar panels to solar backup battery installations. With industry-leading products and warranties, we help homeowners take their power back with solar panel systems that generate clean, reliable energy.

Why go solar in Utah?

So, is Utah a great location for solar panels? Whether you’re looking to cut down on your monthly utility or just interested in lowering your carbon footprint, solar panels in Utah can be worth it, depending on your situation. Utah boasts an average of 238 sunny days a year. Cities, like George and Kanab, welcome over 256 days filled with sunshine and others, like Utah’s capitol, Salt Lake City, see about 222. As a result, Utah will see more sunny days a year than most states in the nation. With a prime environment like that, Utah is the perfect place to go solar. But let’s find out more about all of the reasons rooftop solar in Utah is taking off.

Here’s the breakdown of some of the heavy hitters for going solar:

  • Increased solar installations
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Rising electricity prices
  • Solar technology advancements
Increased Solar Installations

Solar installations in Utah are surely taking off. Currently, the state holds the 10th spot in the nation, jumping six places since 2021. Subsequently, state has enough solar installations to power the homes of 520, 253 Utah residents. A major contribution is the Utah Red Hills Renewable Energy Park, which was completed in 2016. This massive photovoltaic (PV) solar project has the capacity to generate enough electricity to power over 20,000 Utah homes. Additionally, other big box stores, like Ikea (3) and Patagonia (4) have also installed large solar installations.

Clearly, solar energy is on the up and up in Utah. That’s because homeowners across Utah know that there’s plenty of sunshine to go around! Moreover, they’re learning about the many cost-saving opportunities that make solar panels a smart choice for homeowners. Believe it or not, Utah has a projected growth of 1,186 MW over the next 5 years. That number continues to grow.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Solar energy actually does reduce your carbon footprint because it changes the way you consume energy. According to the World Resources Institute, energy consumption contributes to 76% of greenhouse gas emissions globally (1). To clarify, pollution contributes to global warming. This in turn, triggers climate disasters that have been worsening in intensity and frequency every year (2).

In Utah, an alarming 61% of electricity net generation came from coal-fired power plants. Solar energy emits no carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gasses in the generation process. A decision to choose the best solar panels in Utah could be your personal stand against dirty energy. You can monitor your consumption, as well as produce electricity cleanly and in abundance.

Rising electricity prices

Do you ever get tired of opening up your electric bill and seeing another increase? While there are many causes for an expensive utility bill, it’s understandable that you’ll want to pinch pennies wherever possible. People are finding that solar could help reduce electricity bills in ways they never imagined. According to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the cost of electricity is set to continue to rise. No one is surprised to see a high utility bill these days. But Utah’s electricity profile isn’t that bad.

Currently, residential electricity rates in Utah average at about 10 cents per kWh, totaling about $79 a month as the average utility bill (5). However, since there continues to be a high demand for energy, chances are the cost to produce electricity will only rise. Isn’t it about time you stopped paying so much to power your home? While the prices will probably not stop climbing, the clean energy that your solar panels produce will likely become more valuable to your pocket over time.

Solar technology advancements

The future of solar just keeps getting brighter. Every year, new technological advancements are geared toward making solar energy more efficient and cheaper. Over the last few decades, solar energy production has become more reliable, affordable, and more appealing to homeowners. Take for instance one of the leaders in solar battery backups, Enphase. Faced with the problem of frequent power outages, the Enphase Energy System is equipped with state-of-the-art IQ8 technology. They offer reliability and efficiency in a key component of every solar system — the microinverter. For the latest in solar technology, chat with one of our Solar Energy Specialists today and find out how you can upgrade to the best solar panels in Utah and make your home smarter.

Utah solar incentives, tax credits & rebates

So, now you realize why solar is totally worth it in Utah. But we bet we can guess your next question: How much do solar panels in Utah cost? Luckily, Utah has many state-wide and local solar programs available to offset your installation costs. Take advantage of local utility rebates, the 26% federal tax credit, and net metering: a program that allows you to sell back your unused energy to the electricity company.

In this section, we’ll go over some of the great financial incentives for powering your home with solar energy in Utah, including:

Utah Net Metering

The best solar panels in Utah are ones that actually save you a pretty penny on your utility bills. Local utility companies, like Rocky Mountain Power, offer various agreements that will provide a credit on your electric bill for every kilowatt-hour (kWh) you roll back to the power grid. In addition to programs offered by power companies, some local municipalities in Utah offer their own net metering programs, like St. George and Murray City.

Federal Solar Tax Credit

One of the best solar incentives actually comes from the federal government. The Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) offers a nice 30% tax credit that can be claimed for the total cost of your solar system.

The value of your home with solar panels

The verdict is in: solar panels do increase home value. This was confirmed by a collaborative report conducted by the US Department of Energy (DOE) and National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), that there is a positive impact of solar panels on residential property values. On average, solar panels add $20 of value for every $1 you save on your electric bill. So, if you saved $200 a month on your electric bill with solar panels, you’d have an additional $4,000 of value added to your home.

In 2015, the DOE teamed up with the Berkeley Laboratory to determine if homes with rooftop solar systems performed better in the real estate market. After analyzing 22,000 homes, they found that homes with solar panels were sold at a higher asking price of about $4 per watt than those without.

Why choose ADT Solar?

At ADT Solar, we believe customer satisfaction is important at every step of a solar installation. Our staff of highly trained solar experts follow the highest industry standards and provide excellent customer service. Additionally, we even have roofing experience through our sister company, Buildpro, to ensure that your roof stays intact during the installation and after it.

With ADT Solar, you’re receiving:

  • 25-year Labor Warranty
  • 25-year Solar Power Production Guarantee
  • 25-year Solar Panel Manufacturer Warranty
  • 25-year Enphase Microinverter Warranty
  • Free Energy Audit on your home

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