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ADT Solar, Trusted Solar Company in Fredericksburg, VA

Since 2008, ADT Solar has a proven history and reputation for providing quality service, and was ranked #2 for 2021 Solar Power World’s Top Residential Solar Installer in the United States. We are proud to offer some of the best warranties you can find in the solar industry and only use products that offer the same.

Solar Panels in Fredericksburg, Virginia

Fredericksburg. One of the most historical landmarks in American history is getting even more clout by becoming a quickly-growing residential solar energy hub. Everyone’s heard “Virginia is for Lovers.” We agree — Virginia is pretty great, and ADT Solar aims to add to that sentiment: “Virginia is for Lovers of Solar Power.” Going solar in Fredericksburg has never been easier (or more affordable,) and we’re here to tell you all about it.

Fun Facts about Solar Power in Virginia

According to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), Virginia:

  • Ranks 16th in the nation for Solar Power in 2020 (it was 19th in 2019)
  • Has enough solar power installed to power over 147,000 homes
  • Is projected to grow by 3,229.92 MW over the next 5 years (ranking 9th in the nation)
  • Receives about 195 sun-filled days each year
  • Has seen a decline in price over the last 5 years by 45%

Solar?  Me?!  No Way!

Yes, solar. Yes, you.  Way.

“But, it’s SO expensive.” “I heard going solar wasn’t really worth it.” “Can you even power a house with JUST solar panels?” “I don’t think my HOA will allow it, so….” We’ve heard all these before, and luckily, we can show you how you’re wrong (in the nicest way possible!) Keep reading and see for yourself!

There are several incentives available for going solar in the state of Virginia. Let’s go through some of the best reasons that going solar is more affordable than ever.

The Investment Tax Credit (ITC)

The ITC, or the solar tax credit, can reduce the cost of your residential solar panel array by 30% right off the bat. That’s right – 30% of your ENTIRE purchase of home solar panels (backup battery included) will be given right back to you as a tax credit from the government the following year. The other good news about that is, if you don’t use all the credit that first year, the remainder rolls over to the next.*

Net Metering

Net metering is the utility company’s standard for measuring how much power your solar panels generate and send BACK to the grid. If your solar panels generate more power than your house uses in a day, the excess power is fed into your local power grid, and the power company pays you for that excess power, typically as credits towards your account.

That means, over time, credits you’ve earned could reduce your power bill to near-zero, and possibly keep it there! Those credits can also come in handy when the sun goes down at night, or if you have a particularly cloudy day (and don’t have a backup battery,) you can draw on those credits and not come out-of-pocket for power used.

Fredericksburg Solar Panel Property Tax Exemption

If you’re looking to install solar panels on your Fredericksburg home but are concerned about a rise in your property taxes, we have some great news for you. In an effort to promote renewable energy, the state of Virginia offers property tax exemptions for solar panel systems. So not only are you getting the added benefit of a 15 – 20% increase in home value – you will not be burdened by an increase in property taxes.

Homeowners’ Rights in Fredericksburg

Chapter 7 of Title 67 in the Code of Virginia protects a homeowner’s ability to switch to solar. The only caveat is if a community association has a previously-established declaration establishing a restriction or prohibition in that area.

These restrictions can be negated and your installation can proceed as planned if:

  • A restriction causes an increase of the cost of installation of 5% or greater
  • A restriction reduces the energy production of your proposed solar panel array by 10% or greater.

Your community association also has the ability to reasonably restrict the number of panels, the size of the array, and where you wish to have the array installed.

Basically, you do need to check with your HOA or COA before going solar. Chances are you’ll be able to go solar without issue, but better to be safe than sorry!

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Solar Panel Installation Fredericksburg VA

The solar industry is making great strides in Virginia as of late, and there’s no better time to get on the solar train than now! With incentives like the recent decreases in cost, solar federal tax credit, net metering, and the ADT Solar referral app – going solar isn’t as bad as you may think it is!

That being said, at ADT Solar we are dedicated to providing you with nothing less than the best. The best customer service, the best purchasing experience, the best warranties, and the best installation experience.

View of Solar Panels installed on home

So if you’re living in Fredericksburg and are interested in going solar, feel free to reach out to us and speak to one of our expert consultants. We’re here to answer questions you may have about any of the incentives offered in Virginia or about making the switch to solar in general.