There are plenty of reasons to go solar if you live in Las Vegas.  But if you’re still hedging your bets, we’ve got something for you! We’ve searched the internet far and wide to find the top questions Las Vegas residents ask before they make the decision to go solar. And then, we answered them! Is this possibly everything you’ve ever wanted to know about solar? Probably not, but that’s why we’ve got people waiting to talk to you! However, if you’re not quite there yet, here are 5 questions about solar in Las Vegas: answered.

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1. Does solar increase home value in Nevada?

The first question we came across that people in Nevada wanted to know was if having solar installed increased their home’s value. That’s a great question! When you’re investing in solar power for your home, it’s an upgrade to your home’s energy. It keeps you running on clean energy, less dependent on the grid in times of failure, and saves you a bunch on your monthly electric bill. Who wouldn’t want a home with solar panels already installed? Apparently, lots of people because here’s what we found out…

Does solar increase your home’s value?

Short answer: yes! 

Here’s some data to back that up. According to a comprehensive report done by the US Department of Energy and National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), solar panels add $20 of value on average for every $1 you save on your electric bill. For example, if you save $200 a month on your electric bill with solar panels, you’d have an additional $4,000 of value added to your home.

Then in 2015 when the Department of Energy and Berkeley Laboratory found that solar-enabled homes performed better in the real estate market. After analyzing 22,000 homes, they found that homes with solar panels fetched a higher asking price than those without. About $4/watt, which comes out to be around $15,000 for residential, depending on your home and solar energy system.

In addition, solar panels can help your property spend less time on the market. In another study done by NREL, they found that solar-enabled homes earned about 17% more at closing, in addition to selling 20% faster.

Solar power saves you money on your electricity: check.

Solar power increases your home’s value: check.

Solar power shortens the time your home spends on the market: check.

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Still not convinced? Read on…

2. How much does it cost to install solar panels in Las Vegas?

Of course everyone wants to know the price before they commit to an investment like solar panels. But real talk: there is no short answer to this question. Think about it this way, the more you want out of your panels, the greater the investment. And because it’s an investment, this means you’ll see a greater reward with more investment.

And if you want high-producing, long-lasting panels that are warrantied for all (or most) of their life, warranty on labor and top-notch service, you’re going to end up getting more out of your investment in the long-run.

You’ll have to decide how much energy you want your system to produce, and this highly depends on how much energy your household consumes. Time to pull out those old electricity bills!

Other factors involved in the cost of your solar panel system include, the size of your sunlight exposure, energy consumption, installation, and incentives that may be available to you. A qualified, trained Solar Specialist can help you navigate all of this.

Read more about all the factors involved in the cost of solar panels.

And if you consider the rising cost of electricity, this is another reason making the switch to solar is an easy choice for homeowners living in Las Vegas.

Our Solar Specialists can give you a free solar estimate based on your unique situation and personal saving goals. Plus, we even offer a free home energy audit to maximize your energy savings.

How can I find the best solar installer in Las Vegas?

Choose the right solar installer for your solar journey! Of course when you make the decision to go solar you want the best company for your investment. So how do you find the best company? It can be difficult to know what’s important and what makes a solar company the right fit for your needs. Here are some of our best tips for choosing the best installer in your area.

Expertise: There is nothing more crucial when choosing a solar company than ensuring they have the knowledge and experience to handle a professional solar panel installation. A solar company with expertise will have years of experience handling installations for thousands of customers. An added detail would be if your solar company also has roofing experience to ensure clean solar installations over your home.

Credentials: A professional solar company will have the proper licensing, insurance policies, and credentials to install solar panels in the Las Vegas area. Any reputable solar company will have these easily found on their website. This ensures your solar installation will be in good hands with a legitimate business.

Reputation: A great place to start when choosing a solar panel company is their customer reviews. Always check for companies who have a track record of satisfied customers and reliable customer service. Another bonus is being on the lookout for any awards and recognition the solar company has received.

Warranties: When it comes to an expensive solar panel system, you’ll want to know you’re backed by reliable warranties and guarantees to protect your investment. Always be sure to check what sort of warranties your solar panel company offers. ADT Solar offers a Power Production Guarantee in addition to product and labor warranties.

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3. Does Las Vegas run on solar power?

Another question people want to know is: does Las Vegas run on solar power? And how much of all that energy is clean energy? There’s a lot of energy consumed in Vegas, especially on the Strip, so that’s a great question! We’ve got some really great news:

The short answer is yes- Vegas runs on clean energy! 

In fact, the city of Las Vegas, as of 2016, is run 100% on renewable energy. This includes solar power, which has grown significantly over the last ten years, and it shows no signs of stopping. In 2020, Las Vegas was ranked in the top 10 cities in the entire nation for solar power.

Here’s an example of how much the residents of Las Vegas understand the importance of solar power. In 2021, a major energy developer in Las Vegas announced plans for the MGM Resorts Mega Solar Array, which will be a 640-acre field of solar panels set up in the desert outside of Las Vegas, according to Forbes. This solar array will be able to provide power to, you guessed it: the MGM properties on the Vegas Strip. After the completion of this project, it will provide 90% of daytime power to properties including the Bellagio, Mirage and Mandalay Bay (featuring 65 million square feet). In comparison, this is enough solar power for about 27,000 homes. It’s clear that Las Vegas is a shining example of how to run a city on clean energy!

4. Does Nevada have a solar tax credit?

Although Nevada doesn’t have its own solar tax credit, you can still qualify for the Federal Solar Tax Credit when you live in Las Vegas. And when you live in Nevada and go solar, you are also eligible for other great incentives such as net metering and solar rebates through your utility company.

What is the net metering policy for NV Energy?

The state of Nevada has its own incentives for going solar through a program called net metering. With net metering, you can sell back any excess electricity produced by your solar panels to your utility company. They will then credit your account for this energy, which reduces your monthly bill (or gives you a credit for future months). Find out more about the rules for net metering with NV Energy. Rebates gives you money back once you go solar, but with net metering, you get monthly credits for the excess energy you produce!

5. Does solar make sense in Las Vegas?

We think so, and here are just a few of the best reasons why.

Almost 300 days of sunshine every year! 

Nevada is known for its sunshine, and so what better way to put it all to use. When using clean solar energy to power your home instead of dirty oil, you’ll be able to dramatically reduce your monthly electric bill, all while keeping the environment clean.

Reduce your impact on the environment

Reduce your impact on the environment with clean energy on your home, especially in a place where energy is used abundantly and the power grid is already overworked. It’s the reason Las Vegas switched to 100% renewable energy in 2016. Plus, the more energy you produce, the more you’ll be able to push back to the grid and get paid for it. You’ll also be providing clean energy for the rest of the city and be contributing to keeping Las Vegas powered with clean energy.

Reduce your electric bill

Let’s face it, Las Vegas uses a lot of energy. In fact, Nevada has higher than average energy consumption in comparison to the rest of the country. This means higher monthly electric bills at the mercy of your utility company. When you have solar panels installed on your home, you’ll be in charge of your energy and therefore will see an impact on your monthly electric bill.

Nevada solar incentives and tax credits make it easy to make the switch

Nevada has state-wide solar programs that make the investment of solar panels worth it, including local utility rebates, the 30% federal tax credit, and net metering. Nevadans can take advantage of a few different solar incentives that help going solar an easy decision.

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