Are solar panels worth it in Ohio? They sure can be! Take into consideration the many solar incentives available in the Buckeye State, as well as the cost of electricity and one heck of an environmental impact.

Let’s take a look at why solar might be worth it for you and get rockin’ on all of the reasons solar is a phenomenal choice in Ohio.

Is solar worth it in Ohio?

Of course, we think so! But let’s take a look at some interesting statistics that make Ohio a great place to get solar panels. There’s the renewable energy portfolio standard, which means that Ohio aims to generate 8.5% of its electricity from renewable energy sources by 2026.(1) Now, that number may not seem like a lot, but this burgeoning solar boom packs a lot of power. Let’s break it down.

According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, the state of Ohio has already invested $1.4 billion in solar.(2) This results in 900 megawatts (MW) of solar installed. it. That’s enough to power more than 100,000 households! Moreover, Ohio is expected to expand its solar energy generation by 11,226 MW over the next five years.

Still wondering if solar is worth it for your Ohio home? We think that every installation matters. Keep on reading to decide for yourself.

Benefits of solar panels in Ohio

Investing in solar panels can be a big decision. That’s why it’s so important to understand how they can truly benefit your home. Don’t just take our word for it! We’re all about educating and encouraging our customers to find the information they need to make the right choice.

We offer free solar consultations, so you can get all of your questions answered and find out how your home could benefit. But, for now, let’s go over a few key points:

  • An abundance of sunny days
  • Taking control of high electricity bills
  • Solar incentives
  • A lower carbon footprint

Let’s do a deep dive into why we think solar panels are worth it in Ohio.

An abundance of sunny days

Ohio has a lot more to offer its residents than a beautiful backdrop. On average, there are 173 sunny days in Ohio.(3) A little under half a year of fully sunny days is nothing to shake your head at!

As you may know, solar panels harness the photons from sunlight. While they can still receive photons without direct sunlight, you might still want to have your home evaluated to assess how well solar panels will work on your roof if it’s shaded. Other factors, like the efficiency of your solar panels, will impact just how much solar energy can be captured on days when there isn’t a ton of direct sunlight.

For more information, get a crash course with us on how solar panels work.

Taking control of high electricity bills

Do you have a strange feeling that your electricity bill keeps getting higher and higher? You’re not alone, and people’s fingers are pointing towards dirty energy. The U.S. generates most of our electricity from natural gas. This process not only sends pollutants into the air we breathe, but it also comes along with a hefty price tag, as the cost of wholesale natural gas steadily climbs.

In Ohio, electricity costs about 15.08 cents per kWh (kilowatt-hour). The U.S. average is 15.98 cents per kW, so you can be sure it’s bad all over the country. We won’t go into detail about why right now, but check out our blog on the rising cost of electricity for more information.

Solar incentives

Solar incentives in Ohio make the state a wonderful option to go solar. These are in place to make going solar more appealing for those interested by adding some savings to their budgets. Solar incentives could be a way to eliminate an unpleasant surprise from your bills. Here are a few reasons solar in Ohio might be totally worth it:

Ohio net metering

Ohio offers a statewide net metering policy. So, what is net metering? It’s a simple process where eligible homeowners who have solar panels installed can receive credits for any excess electricity that their solar panels produce.* These credits can come in handy when you’re pulling electricity from the power grid at night. You could also go for even more savings by installing a solar battery backup, where you would use stored solar energy at night.

Here’s some more information about Ohio net metering programs. Or, contact one of our Solar Energy Specialists to get details.

Federal tax incentive

Also known as the federal solar tax credit, the investment tax credit (ITC) gives qualified homeowners with solar panels a credit on their federal taxes. If your system is eligible, you’ll get to claim a tax credit for 30% of the cost of a solar energy system towards your federal taxes.1

Learn more about this incentive by speaking with one of our Solar Energy Specialists.

Solar Renewable Energy Certificates

Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs) are another way for the local government to encourage homeowners to get on the clean energy bandwagon. For each megawatt-hour (MWh) of electricity your solar panels produce, the state gives you one SREC that you can sell back to the electric company for extra cash.

These are only the tip of the solar incentive iceberg! Contact a Solar Energy Specialist today to find out more.

Lower carbon footprint

Climate change is a hot button topic that many folks are concerned about. For those conscious about their personal impact on the environment, solar panels could lower the carbon footprint of your home by generating clean energy. While it isn’t the ultimate cure to pollution, reducing the amount of traditional electricity you use helps you do your part to make the planet a little bit greener.

Are solar panels worth it in Ohio?

We certainly think so! Solar panels could be worth it in Ohio when you consider the abundance of sunshine, as well as the potential savings on your electric bill and the cost of solar panels. The state is shining bright with many solar incentives available at the state and local level, just waiting for you to take advantage of them.

Solar comes with many advantages, including a nice solution to unpredictable utility bills, solar incentives for eligible homeowners and a great leap towards home energy independence.

Going solar with ADT Solar

If you’re considering solar panels in Ohio, go with a trusted brand of solar installers. One of our Solar Energy Specialists can provide you with the necessary information during a free solar consultation. We install solar panels in Cincinnati, Columbus, and the surrounding areas. Find out where your home stands and all of the benefits solar could bring your way. What are you waiting for? Contact us today!



*Savings vary depending on your energy consumption, system cost, home location and characteristics, and your utility’s policies. Net metering and similar excess or buyback programs vary by location and utility provider and are subject to change. Rates may go up or down and the money you may save, if any, may vary. For more information about rates, contact your power company. 

**Consult a tax professional to understand any tax liability or eligibility for any tax credits that may result from the purchase of your solar system. Tax and credits or incentives including those provided by federal, state, or local governments may change or end. This can impact the amount of money you might save. If you have taxable income and own the system, you may qualify for the solar federal investment tax credit. It is your responsibility to determine your eligibility and to apply. Consult a qualified tax professional for assistance and details.