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Q Cells Solar Panels

Gain Infinite Energy from Nature

Why Q Cells solar panels?

Going solar is a big investment in the planet, the future and your own home. Installing your own personal energy production plant on your own roof says a lot about what you value. It’s not something you take lightly.

We’re the same at ADT Solar. We only work with the best suppliers of solar components, and that’s why we’re excited to install Q Cells solar panels.

Q CELLS is one of the most innovative solar technology companies in the world. With a deep commitment to research and development, they lead the way globally in industry-changing technologies. That means both Q Cells products and manufacturing methods are some of the most advanced on the market.

Q Cells’ fully-automated factories and state-of-the-art Manufacturing Execution System allow for full traceability of all products. Tracking materials from procurement to logistics helps Q Cells optimize the entire production process and ensures the quality of each product. So you can be sure your panels are efficient and reliable.

All solar panels sold by reputable companies in the US have gone through rigorous testing.(1) Q CELLS solar panels go through those tests and their own additional internal quality testing programs, but then they go even further. They are also tested and certified by the rigorous quality assurance program of the VDE, Germany’s certification institute.

For Q Cells, all this attention to detail pays off. They have the number one market share in U.S. residential and commercial solar panel technology. That means you can be certain of your investment for years to come.

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What makes Q Cells solar panels excel?

Sure, Q Cells solar panels are reliable. But with efficiency ratings as high as 19.9%, these panels also produce fantastic electricity yields. And that’s not just when the sun is shining bright, there’s a nice breeze and you’re sipping ice tea. Q Cells’ innovative all-weather technology also optimizes electricity generation when light and temperature conditions aren’t perfect, like when it’s rainy or cloudy. They’ve even been certified for high snow (5400 Pa) and wind loads (4000 Pa). 

Groundbreaking Q.ANTUM technology

Q Cells panels are durable and reliable, but what makes Q Cells solar panels really stand out is their Q.ANTUM Technology. This Passivated Emitter Rear Cell (PERC) platform allows for the passivation of the solar cell’s rear side through the use of a proprietary reflective layer. The rear surfaces of Q.ANTUM solar cells are treated with a special nano coating that functions much like a typical household mirror, so sunlight that would otherwise go to waste is reflected back through the cell to generate even more electricity. Laser-fired contacts complement the nano coating to enhance the module’s electrical properties, increasing its efficiency considerably.

Whether it’s the 415 Wp Q-Peak Duo ML-G10+, its sleek all-black counterpart the Q-Peak Duo BLK ML-G10+, or the efficient workhorse Q Peak Duo-G10, you can rest assured you’re getting cutting edge technology on your roof.

Best-In-Class Warranty

All of this investment in technology and reliability translates into one thing–quality. With some of the best solar panels on the market, Q Cells back their panels with extended 25-year product and performance warranties*. That’s a reflection on their commitment to quality products built to last.

*(Applicable to select products)

Top Technology

Although Q Cells has some of the best solar technology in the world and have been rated as a top module brand for 8 consecutive years in Europe, they are also committed to being a leading local manufacturer as well. In fact, Q Cells’ facility in Dalton, Georgia is the largest solar panel manufacturing facility in the western hemisphere.

About Q Cells North America

Q CELLS North America headquarters in Irvine, CA handles sales for North America. Its parent company is a flagship of the Hanwha Group, a FORTUNE Global 500 firm and a Top 8 business enterprise in South Korea. Q Cells has diverse international manufacturing facilities in the United States, South Korea, Malaysia, and China. They have Tier 1 Bankability and are backed by Hanwha Group, a Fortune Global 500 company and 7th largest conglomerate in South Korea.

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