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REC Solar Holdings

REC Group

Norway’s REC Group is has been a pioneer in the solar industry since 1996. With manufacturing solar panels since 1996. With over 46 million panels manufactured, Over 20 million people depend on REC for their energy worldwide. REC’s solar panels are considered some of the most reliable in the world with a 25-year ProTrust Warranty. REC’s attractive, award-winning Alpha series is ideal for residential applications.

Why we choose REC Solar Panels

When it’s time to invest in solar panels, you want to make the best choice for your home.

For millions of people, that choice is REC. Ever since REC’s founders hand-washed the company’s first silicon wafers in 1996, the company has been doing whatever it takes to lead the charge in sustainable innovation in the solar industry. Today, REC panels are considered some of the most reliable in the world. REC backs up that reputation with its 25-year ProTrust Warranty. REC’s panels are part of a sustainable energy solution for over 20 million people worldwide.

REC’s industry-leading Alpha Pure line is some of the most efficient panels on the market today. With an amazing 22.2% rating, they capture more of the sun’s energy than most other modules on the market.

But it takes more than efficiency to make a great solar panel. They have to be ready to take everything mother nature can throw at them

REC solar panels endure some of the most extreme testing in the industry. In fact, REC’s internal testing is up to three times more stringent than accepted standards across the industry. Of course, REC’s panels hold up to third-party testing. In fact, because REC sells its panels throughout the world, they have to be tested and certified for many different markets. All that testing means that REC panels are leaders in avoiding power loss over time. REC panels help keep the lights on when the power fails for others.

REC’s solar panels aren’t just efficient and strong, they’re green. We all know that going solar is great for the environment, but some panels are better than others. How solar panels are manufactured makes a big difference when it comes to their carbon footprint, and REC’s manufacturing process is fine-tuned to keep emissions low even before they get to your roof.

Efficient, strong, and green: REC Group makes some of the best solar panels in the world.