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silfab solar installation

Silfab Solar Panels

Performance and Beauty

Why Silfab Solar?

If you are thinking about installing a solar system on your home, you’re probably asking yourself what are the best solar panels you can buy?

silfab solarIf that’s the case, then you owe it to yourself to look at Silfab Solar.

Silfab Solar is a leading manufacturer of solar panels with state-of-the-art facilities in Toronto and Washington. They consistently produce some of the highest-rated solar panels manufactured in North America. The company was built with a philosophy of supporting local customers as partners, while incorporating modern manufacturing systems, innovative product development and process engineering. 

Here are some of the top reasons ADT Solar chooses Silfab Solar:

1. Quality matters to Silfab

By combining strict quality control with premium quality materials and cutting edge manufacturing automation, Silfab ensures superior quality in every panel they sell. They earned Top Performer status by third party testing PVEL/NREL Labs and an Excellent rating on That means that the Silfab Solar panels ADT installs are guaranteed to do a great job for you and your family.

2. Research and innovation is a priority

Silfab Solar is dedicated to implementing superior manufacturing processes and product innovations such as Metal Wrap Through (MWT). MWT is a proprietary technique of increasing efficiency by allowing more sun to reach the solar cells. Silfab engineers work every day to create new and exciting innovations just like MWT to ensure that they are delivering our most efficient and best performing panels.

silfab design3. Silfab helps build a sustainable future

Silfab Solar is committed to investing in technology and processes that create a positive contribution to our world and climate. Their goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030 and to achieve carbon neutrality by 2040 by increasing energy efficiency throughout the manufacturing processes and improved sourcing.

4. Trusted warranties

Silfab Solar earns the highest reliability ratings in the industry by ensuring the quality of every panel they make. The innovative company offers an industry-leading warranty with 25 years on product workmanship and a 30 year linear performance warranty. Read more about the Silfab Solar warranties.

5. Superior performance and aesthetics

Silfab designs and engineers their products for the North American climate. Their panels provide superior performance, durability and high efficiency in the cold of winter or extreme heat of summer. From coast to coast, Silfab solar panels perform great and look even better. Premium quality cells, durable black frames and a black backsheet create a sophisticated aesthetic that complement any home.

6. Rigorous testing and certification

All of the solar panels undergo thorough internal testing followed by rigorous third party testing and industry recognized certifications. Engineers run multiple quality tests throughout the automated manufacturing process, ensuring that the solar panels live up to Silfab’s premium quality standards.

7. Bankability and commitment to growth

Silfab ranks as a top tier supplier by banks, utilities and investment companies. Third party engineering audits and inspections regularly validate the company’s manufacturing excellence. Silfab solar panels are reliable, but equally important is that Silfab will be there when you need them.

Silfab Solar products

Designed to outperform, the Silfab Prime SIL-370 HC Highest-Efficiency Solar Panel features 9-busbar technology that maximizes energy collection and conversion. The high-efficiency, half-cell design improves performance and durability, and the all-black design looks clean and elegant. These panels are dependable, durable and engineered for North American homeowners.

Find out more about the solar panels we choose at ADT Solar from a qualified Solar Sales Specialist today!