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state solar incentives

State solar incentives

The guide to solar incentives by state (2023)

Solar incentives by state

If you’re thinking about going solar, you may be wondering what kind of incentives are available to you. While no matter where you live, you could take advantage of the Federal Solar Tax Credit, but a lot of states have their own incentives. Here we break it down by state.

Idaho North Dakota Minnesota Wisconsin Michigan New York Vermont New Hampshire Maine Massachusetts Connecticut Rhode Island Oregon Montana South Dakota Nebraska Iowa Illinois Indiana Ohio Pennsylvania New Jersey Nevada Utah Wyoming Colorado Kansas Missouri Kentucky West Virginia Virginia Maryland Washington, DC Delaware California Arizona New Mexico Oklahoma Arkansas Tennessee North Carolina Alabama Florida Georgia Louisiana Mississippi South Carolina Texas Alaska Hawaii Washington, DC
what solar incentives are there
Tara Grant
Which states have solar incentives? [Top FAQs]

So you want to go solar because you heard it could save you money on your electricity bills? The great news is that going solar is also good for the environment. That makes the federal government pretty interested in helping homeowners go green with solar energy. Some states even offer their own benefits for going solar,…

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are solar panels worth it in colorado
Megan Oster
Are solar panels worth it in Colorado?

With its stunning landscape of snow-capped mountains and a marvelously temperate climate, Colorado has always inspired its residents to do the right thing and preserve its gorgeous landscape for future generations. That’s one reason Colorado pioneered legislation in the renewable energy industry and continues to be a demonstrated leader in adoption of solar energy. As…

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Solar Incentives North Carolina
North Carolina
7 North Carolina solar incentives you need to know (2023)

Going solar is more than just a trend. It’s an investment in living greener, having energy independence from the grid, and saving money on your electric bill. When you have a solar panel system installed into your home, it offsets utility costs by producing your own renewable energy. On top of that, there are many…

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are solar panels worth it in florida
Tara Grant
Are solar panels worth it in Florida? (2024)

Ah, the Sunshine State. Lots of warm sunshine, gorgeous beaches, and… high energy costs? Florida residents who are tired of paying high energy costs in the Sunshine State often wonder if solar panels are worth the investment. Today, we’re going over the top 9 reasons why solar panels are worth it in Florida. Are Solar…

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Virginia city skyline
Tara Grant
Are solar panels worth it in Virginia?

Are Solar Panels Worth It in Virginia? Are solar panels worth it in Virginia? We surely think so! That’s why we have to tell you about some pretty great reasons to get solar panels for your home. There’s the passing of the Virginia Clean Economy Act, which makes clean energy more accessible and cost-effective. There…

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do solar panels increase home value
Solar 101
Tara Grant
Do solar panels increase home value?

Do solar panels increase home value? The good news: there’s a good chance they will. Whether you’re a homeowner or a potential buyer, no doubt this question has crossed your mind. It also doesn’t hurt that persistent power outages in recent years have made solar a more attractive power option. A solar energy system (along…

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Illinois city view
Tara Grant
Are solar panels worth it in Illinois?

Are solar panels worth it in Illinois? No doubt you’ve heard about the new climate bill. Maybe that’s got you wondering about how you can reap the benefits and possibly help save the planet. Or, maybe you’re just curious about all the hubbub surrounding solar energy. Whatever your reason for considering solar panels, it’s important…

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