If you’re looking for ways to get the most out of your solar system, you might have wondered, “How long do solar batteries last?”

A good solar battery can last up to 15 years. That’s quality and efficiency you can’t beat. Solar power systems are steadily taking over the energy game. In the age of rapid technological advancement, it’s no surprise that solar energy is a constantly developing field. Solar is becoming more consistent, more affordable, and with the incorporation of a home solar battery, more sustainable and reliable. Finally, you can have the kind of backup power that makes a difference.

Lifespan of Solar Panel Batteries

So how long do solar batteries last? While you have to take into account magnificent care and keeping, solar batteries should last your home well over 5 years. Some solar batteries, like the Enphase Encharge, can have a lifespan of more than 10 years. An investment in a solar battery is an investment in a long-lasting battery backup system that elevates your entire home solar array. For longevity and efficiency, you want the best of the best from your home.

What is round-trip efficiency?

Round-trip efficiency (RTE) just means how much energy your battery can give you, compared to how much it can store. Using your cell phone as an example, if you were only able to use 70% of your battery each time you charged it, the RTE would be 70%. This is slightly different from DoD in that it measures how much energy discharged compared to how much energy was put into it for each cycle.

What this means for you: since batteries lose efficiency each cycle (we all know this from our cell phone), look for a high RTE for your solar battery to maximize your savings and lifespan.

Battery life: why it matters

Once again, since we all are very aware that batteries lose charge with each cycle, an extremely important factor to consider is battery life, and if the manufacturer provides a warranty.

A typical solar battery can last between 5 and 15 years, depending on how many cycles it goes through. Most leading manufacturers guarantee their batteries with a 10 year warranty.

What this means for you: choose a solar battery from a reputable company with at least a 10 year warranty. That way if anything goes wrong within 10 years, you could get a free replacement.

Microinverter Effects on Battery Lifespan

Microinverters are another factor that plays a huge part in answering, “How long do solar batteries last?” The quality of the micro-inverter might be an overlooked aspect of solar system evaluation. These bad boys link your solar panel to your roof, making them instrumental in facilitating optimal power from your solar panels to your home. The best part is that these inverters allow for maximum output without exposing your roof to high-voltage direct current. Enphase is committed to safe battery storage with reliable advanced technology.

Life Expectancy of the Enphase Battery

What better way can you maximize your backup potential than installing a solar battery? With the Enphase battery, your solar energy system is operating at its best capacity. It offers safe, reliable energy protection and facilitates optimal usage. The Enphase battery provides 96% round-trip efficiency through the use of high-quality materials that will keep your solar system running without fail.

Expect more with the Enphase battery and enjoy these benefits:

  • Maximize Backup Potential
  • Affordability
  • Over 10 -Year Life Expectancy
  • High Performance

There’s truly a difference in sustainability when you choose the Enphase option. In addition to assisting the energy generation of your solar panels, the high-powered Enphase is packed with other smart, durable tech that advances your energy production.