Let us guess: Solar panels and a solar battery backup have been doing wonders for your home. No doubt you’ve heard about how solar energy can reduce your carbon footprint, or how solar panels could reduce your electricity bills. But what’s all this noise about solar energy monitoring systems?

When you invest in a PV solar system, performance matters. A solar energy monitoring system is a great way to help you measure the real impact of your panels. You can see just how much energy your solar panels can produce and rake in the savings on your electric bills. Let’s tackle some of the big questions surrounding solar energy monitoring systems.

Why Are Solar Energy Monitoring Systems So Important?

Let’s start with the big picture. While there are so many reasons to go solar, the biggest allures might’ve been financial savings or energy consciousness. A solar energy monitoring system can report to you how well your solar system achieves both. And we think that’s pretty important. However, solar monitoring systems do so much more in terms of improving reliability and overall energy consumption.

How It Works

Before we get into the thick of it, let’s take a look at how solar energy monitoring systems work. Your solar system’s microinverters are key tools in measuring performance. Most solar panel systems generate electricity and transport it to your home using microinverters. Basically, these microinverters convert solar energy into usable electricity for your home. All microinverters have built-in advanced technology that monitors how well they convert energy into electricity. They also use local weather reports to note changes in production and offer detailed consumption data. This can help you understand fluctuation in your utility bills and electricity generation.

If you want to get into the more technical stuff, here’s some more information on how solar panels work. Now, let’s find out why a solar monitoring system is such a big deal.

The Benefits

Solar energy monitoring systems have a slew of benefits for your home. Let’s take a look at some of the key features of Enphase App, the solar monitoring system app from Enphase.

Enphase Solar Monitoring

Efficiency Measured By Real-Time Solar Production

There’s a lot of hubbub about which way solar panels should face and other factors that lead to optimal energy production. Ideally, you’ve consulted your Solar Energy Specialist to find out the best fit for your home solar system. A solar energy monitoring system is a perfect tool to see those efforts in action.

Often referred to as an “energy audit,” one of the many things your solar energy monitoring system should be on top of is how much energy is coming into your home. Simply put, it should be able to let you know how well your solar panels generate electricity in kilowatt hours (kWh). Being able to actually measure energy production is vital to keeping your solar panels performing well over their lifetime.

Enphase Solar Battery

Monitoring to Improve Reliability of Solar Technology

The future of solar is as bright as it’s ever been. Companies, like Enphase, are constantly configuring how to better the structure of solar energy generation and solar energy storage. Take for instance the Enphase IQ Microinverters that have a 25 year warranty. This microinverter has been enhanced to alleviate the constraints on battery sizes and manage energy loads on a solar system. By using multiple microinverters, solar panels can maintain generation when one microinverter fails. Additionally, these microinverters have improved efficiency during low-light times. These advancements have been made in part because of the data generated from solar monitoring systems.

Detecting Issues to Provide Solutions

A solar energy monitoring system is mindful of issues that might be impacting your solar panel system. Maybe one solar cell isn’t generating as much as the others. Maybe your solar battery could be storing more. Whatever the issue, a proper solar energy monitoring system is a tool that pinpoints the problem. Solar Energy Specialists can use them to run an overall diagnostics on your system and offer a timely solution.

Maximizing Battery Storage

It’s good practice to keep track of how much solar energy is received and sent through your solar battery. What is a solar battery, you ask? Only one of the best innovations for keeping your home powered when you need it most. A monitoring system helps you stay on top of solar battery maintenance and point your technician towards possible problems. You can monitor your battery capacity and how well your system works through a power outage.

Conserving Energy

A solar energy monitoring system is great for monitoring how much energy your household consumes. While there’s many tips available to master your energy consumption, a true energy conservationist should want to keep track of how much energy your home is using in real time. You can take into account times of high energy use, as well as peak energy generation.

Solar Monitoring Systems Are Pretty Important

When it comes to staying on top of your solar system performance, a solar monitoring system is definitely important. From delivering swift troubleshooting solutions to measuring how much your solar system generates and consumes, these systems offer efficiency and reliability.

In conclusion, if you want your solar system running at its best, contact one of our Solar Energy Specialists today. Finally, it’s time to gain full confidence in your solar panel system.

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