Every day there seems to be more and more reasons to go solar, but are solar panels worth it in Texas? Solar comes with a host of advantages: reduced utility costs, a great leap towards home energy efficiency, and super easy upkeep that actually increases the value of your home. All of the renewable energy hubbubs is true: regardless of which state you’re in, an investment in solar panels is truly beneficial.

So, are solar panels worth it in Texas? Let’s take a look at some of the factors that might help you answer that question.

The Benefits of Solar Panels in Texas

There are 235 days of sun in Texas, and your very own solar system won’t let it go to waste. The decision to go solar is a mighty one. Whether you’re new Dallas homeowners or have found your dream house in San Angelo, you want to make the best decision for your household. That means taking into account your lifestyle, your budget, and all the other things that matter most for your family. Here are a few big reasons to upgrade your energy game if you live in Texas.

1. Save Money on Your Electric Bills

texas electricity rates chart
Source: TexasElectricityRatings.com

Is your electric bill giving you the blues? For many homeowners, an expensive electricity bill is the driving force behind exploring more energy efficient options.  Let’s take a look at the numbers.

Most Texas residents pay almost 20% over the national average in monthly electricity expenses. The average monthly bill for a Texas residence is about $128. And the trend of rising electricity bills doesn’t seem to show signs of slowing down any time soon.


Strangely enough, Texas electricity rates are actually almost 8% less than the U.S. average at 10.98¢/kWh. Despite an electricity rate on the lower end, it seems Texans are just consuming more energy and a solar alternative might be the solution. Each home that decides to make the switch can expect to save about $2,000 on their electricity bill.

2. Clean, Renewable Energy that Fuels the Economy

The rumors are true: Texas is the largest carbon emitter in the United States. With a large population and an even larger economy, the energy guzzling comes as no surprise. The good news is that Texas also has a greater capacity for change.

Not only is clean solar energy good for your budget and for the environment, it’s also good for the economy. According to Texas Advance Energy, there are more than 250,000 renewable energy jobs in Texas, a number steadily climbing. Texas solar energy is booming, especially since they’re ranked #2 in the U.S. for solar. For solar to become a leading energy source, every home matters. Your house could be the one that leads the charge in your neighborhood. You could have your very own cache of clean energy and reduce the carbon footprint of your home.

3. Protect Your Home From Outages

Laredo Texas Solar Panel Installer

We all know what it’s like to suffer through a power outage. Right now, it may seem like power outages are nearly avoidable. If power outage protection is important to you, solar energy may be the solution you’ve been searching for.

With solar energy on your team, you don’t have to face disastrous weather events with uncertainty like everyone else. If you invest in a solar system, you’ll have protection from the unreliable Texas power grid. Solar is a great way to take back your independence. Just because the grid goes down, doesn’t mean your home has to go down with it.

A power outage can mess up any good thing. The beauty about solar is that with a high-powered solar battery, like the Enphase IQ or Tesla Powerwall, you can stay connected. Get your solar system up and running and gain back some energy independence.

4. Big Texas Tax Credits, Rebates, and Other Solar Incentives

Is solar worth it in Texas? Well, let’s ask your bank account. There are so many programs that make solar the gift that keeps on giving. For the homeowners ready to make a financially sound investment, going solar is the cost-effective option.

Federal Tax Credit

There are tons of energy savings available on a federal level — you just need to know where to look. The federal government is currently offering a huge incentive when installing residential solar systems. Also known as the investment tax credit (ITC), the solar federal tax credit allows you to deduct up to 30% of the cost you spent on installing your solar power system.*

For more information about this huge savings opportunity, here’s a guide to answer all of your questions.

Net Metering

What is net metering? Only the largest solar incentive available. Net metering is a partnership between you and your utility company, where you can earn credits on your bill by rolling over your excess solar energy to your electric company. Find out more about net metering in this informative article. Your local utility company might offer more financial incentives than you can handle!

Local Solar Rebate Programs

 Net metering isn’t the only positive thing that comes out of partnering your solar system with your electricity company. Many Texas utility companies offer local solar rebate programs that sweeten the deal. Consult your local energy company to find out whether they offer rebates on solar panels. You could even partner with an ADT Solar Specialist, who can give you the skinny on the ins and outs of all things solar. Here are just a few cities where solar is hottest right now:

Are Solar Panels Worth It in Texas?

The simple answer is yes, solar panels are worth it in Texas. With the large amount of sunshine, the wide range of cost-effective incentives, and the use of clean, renewable energy, we’d say it’s a wise investment. Solar panels are good for the environment and good for your budget.

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