Solar panels in Texas are most definitely worth it. When the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) requested that Texans conserve their energy, many were dumbfounded. Can you blame them? We are in the dawn of the technological age. There is a perceived endless supply of energy that is constantly replenished and fastidiously advanced. Grid failures aren’t a thing of the past.

A wake up call came for Texans in the aftermath of an unprecedented freeze back in February 2021. The extreme temperatures pushed the grid power to the brink. People realized that the current way we consume energy has to change. The overworked, natural gas-dependent electric grid just isn’t up to snuff. While Texans won’t have to worry about another big freeze for the time being, there’s a boiling summer ahead. With temperatures expecting to hit the high 90s this summer, the reality of potential grid failures will bring on a host of issues. Solar panels in Texas might save the grid.

Check out anticipated temperatures for your city here.

The Problem: Power Outages in the Lone Star State

solar panels and power outages in TX As long as your electrical infrastructure is dependent on natural gases, power outages are here to stay. In the 2021 Summer Reliability Assessment, the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) soothed worries about power outage. NERC said that the grid could hold up if energy consumption remained under normal operating conditions.

Here’s the problem — it is hot in Texas! Texans will see higher than normal temperatures all summer with a higher risk of drought. The diagnosis of an elevated risk of power outages means an uptake in power demand and an overworked grid. Months after one of the most debilitating power outages in Texas, it’s understandable that homeowners are skeptical about how well the grid performs. When the weather peaks at higher temperatures or when a storm is on its way, residents can expect to be in the dark in the heat.

Moreover, power generation is anticipated to be constrained in the upcoming months. In extreme temperatures, power plants experience blackouts often. Droughts and other factors contribute to a reduction in how much cooling water is available and how much wind energy is produced. It’s important to take these elements into account when expecting electricity shortages.

Check out this power outage tracker for the whole state of Texas to know where the lights are out.

The New Normal: Rolling Blackouts

power outages energy meterAs a means to solve the issue of a potential grid failure, ERCOT may institute rotating power outages. There’s not much else they can do with the unpredictability of the weather. And Texas isn’t the only state plagued by power outages. These are becoming more common in areas with extreme temperatures and increased energy usage.

In California, their grid operator, Pacific Gas and Electric Company, issued a statement noting possible rotating block outages to offset excessive consumption. Fortunately, California residents were able to conserve an adequate amount of energy to avoid the forced blackouts, but not everywhere is so fortunate.

In these uncertain times, the way we’ve used power for years has become unpredictable and ultimately, unstable. It’s best to know when to make a change for the better. Aren’t you tired of living under the confines of an unstable grid network? For reliable energy and consistent power, it might be time to debunk some of the myths you’ve had about renewable energy and choose to get your power from sunlight.

The Solution: Solar Panels during power outages in Texas

When disaster strikes, alternative power sources might be the framework for your family to depend on. Renewable energy can provide light, functioning appliances, and charging for electronic devices. It’s time to get your energy from the sun! With 234 sunny days in Texas, you’ve got the strongest power beaming down on your brow right now. If you’re wondering if solar panels worth it in Texas, keep reading to find out more ways than one why solar should be in your future.

Or, look into some of the many options you have for pursuing solar panels in Texas:

Homeowners are sick and tired of losing power from being connected to the grid and even generator failure. There are many reasons to go solar, but the unparalleled reliability and cleaner power generation are at the top of the list.

Battery Storage Can Rescue the Grid

The only true way to fortify your home from blackouts is to invest in a solar battery to work in conjunction with your solar panel installation. Getting solar panels won’t make your home energy completely independent from the utility grid. If your solar panels are still active during a blackout, a direct current could surge through the power lines. This could cause harm to the utility workers, who are trying to get the power back on. For safety reasons, a solar battery is your best bet. This powerful combination will create a reliable and outage-resistant solar system. A high-powered solar battery, like the resilient Enphase Encharge, brings power to you when you need it.

What is A Solar Battery?

Now, you may be asking yourself, “What is a solar battery?” A solar battery is an integral part of your home solar panel system and makes keeping your home powered through a blackout possible.

When considering solar panels in Texas, you should take a look at these benefits with the Enphase Encharge:

  • Maximize Backup Potential
  • Affordability
  • Over 10 -Year Life Expectancy
  • High Performance

While your power is a fantastic reason to include a solar battery in your home solar energy system, there are so many opportunities for savings when you have one.

Net Metering

Net metering is probably one of the sweetest perks to going solar. Your panels produce excess energy that can be transmitted back to your utility company. There’s no way for your excess power to go to waste with this battery backup system. Savings will rain in when you open up your bill and see the credits obliterating your bill. A strong solar battery storage holds onto the excess electricity and puts the sun’s energy to good use. This partnership between your household and your electric company can do some great things for your budget.

From Power Blackouts to Solar Panels in Texas

When power lines fail you, solar power offers reliable, clean energy to energize your home. It’s possible to make power outages and fossil fuels things of the past. By including a solar battery, your home becomes a fortress against power blackouts and grid failures. Whether it’s extreme temperatures or just another sunny day in the Lone Star State, a set of solar panels and a solar battery is the surefire way to keep your home illuminated.