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solar and energy efficiency

Solar + Energy Efficiency

Reduce energy use, stay comfortable, save more

Solar energy + energy efficiency: a winning combo

Take your savings even further with solar energy plus energy efficiency. Give your solar energy a boost! With ADT Solar, we make sure you’re getting the most value out of your solar panels by combining home energy efficiency in every install. When you manage any potential ways your home is losing energy, you’re keeping the energy your solar panels are creating. You also have the potential to save even more money each month. Make your investment in solar even more valuable by making your home more energy efficient.

Energy efficiency kits included in every solar installation

Energypro kits include*:

  • up to 64 2700K warm white LED bulbs
  • 1 Smart power strip
  • 1 Google Nest thermostat

All Energypro kits will be assembled as per information gathered during an Energypro site survey. In most cases, the kits will be delivered on the day of solar install.

*Some variations depending on your home’s needs.



adt solar energy specialist consulting with homeowner holding a tablet device

What is energy efficiency?

Energy efficiency means using less energy to perform the same tasks. Our homes use a lot of energy, much of which is unnecessary, costly and damaging to our planet. When you consider energy efficiency upgrades to your home, you’ll be more comfortable in your home while saving energy and helping to protect the planet’s resources.

Give your solar energy a boost with home energy efficiency

When things are efficient, life runs smoother. You may not even realize your home isn’t running efficiently except for a large electric bill. If you’re struggling to stay comfortable in your home while saving on your bills, your home could use an energy upgrade.

Energypro makes energy efficiency easy. From energy efficiency upgrades throughout your home to solar energy, you could save energy, save money and stay comfortable in your home.

Energy efficiency home savings

Turning your home into an energy-efficient home is a breeze when you have the right tools. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to reduce energy consumption which makes a big difference when it comes to saving on your home electric bills.

20% energy savings is the typical annual energy savings after making your home energy efficient.

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