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Solar Company in Arkansas

Power your life with solar energy in Arkansas


Service area update

ADT Solar is honored to have serviced communities across the state of Arkansas. While we make changes in certain areas, rest assured that we will continue to fulfill warranties on previously installed systems. Our dedicated customer support team is happy to answer any questions you might have about your system going forward. You can reach them at (833) 409-1007.

ADT Solar, Trusted Solar Company in Arkansas

If you’re looking for a trusted solar panel installer in Arkansas, ADT Solar has a proven history and reputation for providing quality service in the United States. In 2023 Solar Power World ranked ADT Solar, formerly Sunpro Solar, #2 for Top Residential Solar Installer in the United States.

Benefits of choosing ADT Solar:

  • 25-year limited workmanship warranty
  • 25-year Power Production Guarantee
  • 25-year Enphase microinverter warranty
  • 25-year panel manufacturer warranties

As one of the most trusted solar installers in your area, you can expect to be taken care of every step of the way.

Arkansas Solar Panel Installation Services

Residential rooftop solar panel installations in Arkansas are increasing in popularity for a number of reasons. Solar power is the ideal way to lower your electric utility bill! By partnering with ADT Solar, you can produce your own clean, efficient, and environmentally friendly solar power.

Here’s a snapshot of Arkansas’ solar energy:

  • Arkansas has enough solar installed to power over 78,042 homes. (SEIA)
  • Arkansas gets over 217 days of sunshine each year to power your solar panels.
  • Prices for solar equipment have fallen 43% over the last 10 years.

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Arkansas Solar Incentives

There are a few solar incentives available to help Arkansas residents make solar panels more affordable.

Federal Tax Credits for Arkansas Solar Panel Systems

The Solar Investment Tax Credit is a generous 30% tax credit available to homeowners and business owners who install environmentally friendly solar panels.

This incentive potentially allows eligible people to get 30% of the total cost of their solar panels, including installation, back in tax credits. That means that if your solar panels cost you a total of $18,000, that means you’d get $5,400 back in tax credits. That would reduce the total cost of your solar panels down to $12,600. And if you don’t use all your federal tax credits the first year, the remainder just rolls right on over to the next.

To take advantage of this federal income tax credit, you need to have your solar system installed by the end of 2032. In 2033 the tax credit will drop to 26%, and then to 22% in 2034. 

Does Arkansas have Net Metering?

Yes, net metering is available statewide in Arkansas through your local utility company. Using net metering, solar power producers are only charged for the electricity they use in excess of what they produce. In Arkansas, homeowners and business owners who produce more electricity than they consume can carry over their production as credits into future months. When the sun is shining the most in the summer, you can build up credits to keep your electricity bill down during the winter.

Arkansas Home Value Increase

As if you needed another reason to go green, solar panels have one more benefit for you- one that you might not have been aware of. In addition to saving you money every month, they also increase the value of your home! For every $1 you save in electric bills, the value of your home goes up $20. So if you saved $150 a month after solar panels, the value of your home would increase $3,000. That added value will be a big benefit if you ever decide you need to move, and is just one more reason to invest in energy efficient solar panels.

How to Choose the Best Solar Companies in Arkansas

After making your decision to purchase solar panels, finding a solar company can seem like a daunting task. Fortunately, if you’re wanting to make the right choice when it comes to choosing a solar company, then here are a few things to look for when choosing a solar company in Arkansas:

  • Expertise – Your solar company should ideally have years of experience installing solar panels successfully and display a high level of knowledge about solar energy systems.
  • In-House Team – A solar company with an in-house team of solar specialists is much more reliable than a solar company that contracts employees for each installation. In-house teams are usually more experienced, knowledgable, and operate in a smooth manner.
  • Credentials – A professional solar company will have official state licenses to install solar panel systems over your roof and have all insurance policies required. State license numbers are usually listed on the company’s website.
  • Reputation – Reading online reviews for a solar company is a great way to begin to learn about a company’s reputation. Look to see what other customers experienced, and ensure customer service responds in a timely and professional manner.
  • Warranties – Lastly, check to see which warranties are offered by the solar company. When buying an expensive system such as a solar energy system, you want to rest assured that you chose a professional solar company that can reliably repair your system for years to come.

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ADT Solar, Trusted Arkansas Solar Panel Company

ADT Solar is a premier solar panel installation company in Arkansas. Where others cut corners with subpar solar panels and inferior installation techniques, ADT Solar installs high-efficiency monocrystalline solar panels with a team of experienced installation professionals, dedicated to getting the job done right the first time. ADT Solar is a member of American Solar Energy Society and Arkansas Advanced Energy Association.

We at ADT Solar back up our solar panels and labor with 25-year warranties and guarantees!

We operate in Arkansas and many other locations around the US. \Contact us to see if we service your area and schedule a no-hassle consultation. Our team of solar experts are ready to help you go green with solar power.

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