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Going Solar in Norfolk, Virginia: The Efficient Choice

Going solar in Norfolk, Virginia is not a new concept for its residents. With the passing of the Virginia Clean Economy Act of 2020, Virginia has actually made a concerted effort to pursue completely clean electricity through the state’s Renewable Portfolio Standard. Solar has found its wave, and it’s headed for Norfolk!

Norfolk is one of almost 4,000 Tree City USA communities committed to abiding by the Arbor Day Foundation standards to uphold that green title. Many residents are seeking ways to limit their energy consumption and seeing a brightly lit solar solution. Norfolk, VA is known for its proximity to the beautiful Chesapeake Bay beachfront. This is where residents and tourists alike can lavish on one of the 215 sunny days of the year.  In a city where sun and conservation are already pretty big deals, it isn’t a surprise why solar panels in Norfolk have piqued your interest.

Keep scrolling to find out more about why you should go solar. Virginia has some great incentives to offer the residents of Norfolk for their sun-forward decision.

Are solar panels worth it in Norfolk?

As of 2021, Virginia has actually soared to the top of the charts, landing the #4 spot on the national ranking for solar panel installers. Norfolk, VA has become a literal hotspot for solar panels.

Virginia was a little slow to hop on the solar bandwagon, but a skyrocket in electricity rates has propelled greater solar investment. It was worth it. An installed solar capacity of almost 2300 MW is nothing to snuff at. Every little conversion to solar energy is needed to help Virginia’s residents with the rising costs of electricity. With a push from Dominion Energy Virginia to integrate more solar energy into their network, folks can expect a gradual increase in their utility bills over the next decade. The company anticipates no more than a 3% rise in billing, but don’t be on the wrong end of that pricing.

Let’s take a look at the current landscape of the utility bills of Virginia’s homeowners in the last ten years.

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Virginia’s Electricity Snapshot

As you can see, there’s been a slow increase in the cost of electricity in all of Virginia, and Norfolk is no exception. Electricity costs about 11 cents per kWh, totaling an average of about $124 a month on your bill. It’s time to stop paying so much to power your home!

Graph of Virginia electricity prices 2009-2020

The Perks of Going Solar in Norfolk, VA

There are so many reasons why solar panels are a great investment in your home. Norfolk is the solar underdog, primed and ready to push its state to the top of the solar olympics.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why solar panels are a must in the great city of Norfolk.

Solar Saves Money. 

While Virginia’s energy prices are on the lower end of the national average, there has been an upward trend over the last decade that is projected to continue. The addition of solar panels in your home will slash the cost of your monthly electric bill. Moreover, your home’s finances will be largely unaffected by rate increases. Learn more about Virginia’s Net Metering program below.

More Sunny Days Ahead. 

Virginia is an optimal location for solar panels because it’s sunny for 59% of the year. With around 215 sunny days yearly, Virginia has more than enough sunshine to power your home. Solar panels are a great way to maximize the use of this natural resource and create clean energy for your consumption. Take note that your solar panels will still work on cloudy days.

Reduce Your Carbon Imprint. 

Environmental sustainability is a growing concern. People are more conscious about how their actions impact the world . Solar panels are a leap in the right direction. They will increase the self-sufficiency of your home by generating clean energy. It’s completely possible to reduce your carbon imprint and make your home more energy efficient.

More Solar, More Tech. 

Solar technology is constantly improving the ways we consume energy and generate more solar power. Does your home have limited rooftop space? Do you want to lead the charge in your neighborhood with the latest solar advancements? The solar industry is where tech remains supercharged and affordable. Check out the Enphase Encharge, the reliable power solution that brings your battery backup game to the next level. There’s always new tech to pair with your solar panels to optimize the way your home utilizes solar.

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost in Norfolk?

If you’re planning to turn sunshine into savings, you definitely need to ask yourself, “How much does solar cost in Norfolk?” While the cost of solar panels depends largely on the specifics of your home, it’s estimated that an investment in solar can save you around $4,000 in Norfolk.

Keep on reading to find out more about the true cost of solar. You can also contact one of ADT Solar’s specialists today to receive an official quote.

Norfolk Virginia Solar Incentives and Tax Credits

There’s more than one reason to go solar in Norfolk, VA! With tax credits and other solar rebates, the decision to seek out solar panel companies in Norfolk is a great one. There are amazing financial discounts that can take your savings off the top. Let’s check out the many ways you can reduce the price and make the purchase of solar panels an appealing option for your home.

Dominion Net Metering for Norfolk

A great benefit of solar installation is the partnership between you and your electricity company to create an awesome rebate opportunity for your budget. Yes, you read that correctly.

Currently, Dominion Energy Virginia offers a net metering program so your excess generation doesn’t go to waste and you get the greatest value from your solar investment. We’ve prepared an informative guide to answer all of your net metering questions, but the gist of it is this: you can sell your excess energy.

Solar panel technology will naturally generate an overflow of electricity. This energy is more than enough to power your home and rollback to your utility company for a profit. Net metering allows for this transaction, where your electricity company will credit your account for excess energy. This obliterates your average costs for utility, drastically lowering your monthly payments or zeroing you out completely.

Learn more about connecting your Dominion Energy grid to solar power.

Solar Federal Tax Credit

One of the best incentives for going solar in Norfolk is actually one offered by the United States federal government. For the Norfolk homeowners and businesses interested in adapting their energy consumption for the better, their budget can take advantage of the solar federal solar tax credit (ITC, or the investment tax credit) of 30% through 2032. If eligible, this spectacular 30% credit can be applied to your entire solar energy system cost, including the batteries.*

Residential Property Tax Exemption

Of course, a nifty solar system will increase the property value of your home, but there are other tax benefits that solar energy unlocks. If you’re a homeowner looking into solar, there just might be savings on the horizon. In Virginia, certain counties are partially or completely exempt from property taxes on solar energy equipment if they make the decision to go solar.

These are only a few benefits that can lessen the upfront cost of your solar lease and make the conversion easier for your home. For more energy efficiency information, read more on the Virginia Division of Energy website.

Homeowner after Solar Panel installation 

ADT Solar: A Solar Company Norfolk Residents Can Trust

When it comes to choosing a solar company Norfolk VA homeowners can trust, it’s okay to shoot for the stars. Your home or business needs a durable renewable energy system with a knowledgeable team of installation experts to guide you through the process. Getting the most bang for your buck doesn’t end just because you’ve made the decision to go solar.

Here are some of the most important features of a great solar panel company in Norfolk:

Your Questions Meet Answers

The solar industry is a broad, diverse field of constantly expanding information. While it’s always good to stay “in the know” with solar news, your solar installer should be an expert. For your solar panel installation, you need an established company with the expertise to navigate you through any issue or concern. They need to know their way around a roof, but also become a resource for you through the installation. This person should understand your needs and have a commitment to the longevity of your home’s solar system.

Consistency Becomes Reliability

There’s just something more durable about an in-house team. When you’re on the hunt for the best solar panel company Norfolk residents can depend on, you have to take into account the availability of their team members. When a solar company subcontracts its installation employees, you miss out on the reliability, consistency, and often experience needed to successfully create a solar system in your home.

Education Meets Practice

ADT Solar has learned that with competent expertise comes qualified certification. You want a solar panel installation company with a consistent reputation for good work and the qualifications to prove it. They’ve taken the time and effort to invest into their licensing, insurance policies, and the required credentials needed for the areas they operate in. The best solar panel company will have the knowledge to carry out efficient installation. They will troubleshoot and assist you from your first year as a solar customer to beyond.

Reviews Become Reality

When the business is good, folks talk about it. When searching for a good solar company, you should read about the experiences of other customers. A prolific company will thrive from customer engagement. They will respond to reviews in a timely manner, express gratitude, or provide additional resources. A great indicator for an amazing company is if they’ve won any awards or earned any notable titles.

Longevity with Warranties

When considering Norfolk solar panel installers, you might want to familiarize yourself with their installation policies. It’s truly the best way to get the most out of your investment. Determining how reliable a company’s warranty is might make or break your decision.  A solar system can have an expensive initial price tag. Solar customers everywhere want to find the highest quality product that can withstand any condition and be backed by a secured warranty. It’s time to get the most out of your solar panels.

Norfolk Solar Panel Installers: Why ADT Solar is the Brightest Star in Norfolk and Surrounding Areas

ADT Solar ranked #2 in the 2021 Solar Power World’s Top Residential Solar Installer in the United States. We are committed to installing top-of-the-line solar equipment. We offer the best warranties in the solar industry. Clearly, ADT Solar is truly a sun among the stars when it comes to customer service, commitment, and expertise.

Solar Panel Quote for Norfolk Residents

Whether you still have questions about the process or just want to know more about going solar, we’ve got tons of resources for you. Contact a Solar Sales Specialist at ADT Solar today! We make the transition as easy as can be for your household. With our skilled expertise and efficient execution, we’ve incorporated numerous home solar systems throughout Norfolk and surrounding areas. Get free, customized solar quotes today and turn your sunlight to savings!