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tesla powerwall for sale

Tesla Powerwall for Sale

Everything you need to know about buying a Tesla Powerwall

You may already know the benefits of the Tesla Powerwall, a revolutionary solar battery storage that can self-power your home through the night or during power outages. If you’re ready for home energy storage technology like the Powerwall, you may be wondering: what’s the next step? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know to get the Tesla Powerwall installed for your home. In other words, Tesla Powerwall for Sale: all the questions you’re dying to know.

Can a Tesla Powerwall power a home?

Tesla Powerwall on side of home

Powering a home with solar power depends on a few factors: the size of your home, how much energy your household consumes, how much solar backup power is stored in your Tesla battery, and how many batteries your solar system has installed. This is one of the reasons it’s best to speak to a seasoned professional about your needs when making the decision to go solar. If you’re looking for your system to power your entire home, it’s important to discuss this before you decide on what size system to have installed to your home.

With one Tesla Powerwall, you can power the lights and electrical outlets in your main electrical panel as well as 120V small appliances.

With two Tesla Powerwalls, you can power the lights and electrical outlets in your main electrical panel, 120V small appliances as well as a Compatible central air conditioner, an Electrical range/stove/oven, a compatible well pump, and one Tesla electric vehicles charging.

With three Tesla Powerwalls, you can power the lights and electrical outlets in your main electrical panel, 120V small appliances as well as two Compatible central air conditioners, an Electrical range/stove/oven, a Compatible well pump, one Tesla/non-Tesla EV charging, one Electric dryer, one Electric water heater and one Pool equipment.

How long does a Tesla Powerwall hold its charge?

The lithium ion batteries the Powerwall uses are powerful, but this answer depends on what you’re running and how many Powerwalls your system has. For example, for a typical home’s main electrical panel, your lights would stay on for around 12 hours with one Powerwall. This is a good thing to discuss with a solar expert before you decide how many Powerwalls to include in your system. You can also monitor your energy usage with the Powerwall app, showing you exactly how long you have left and how much energy the items you’re using are consuming.

How can I buy a Tesla powerwall?

Ready to buy? Great news! But don’t go searching Amazon for the Powerwall. The Tesla Powerwall battery can only be purchased and installed through a certified Tesla installer. It is a home battery that hooks into your current solar panel system so excess power can be stored for later use. For example, when the sun is at its peak, your solar panels will produce more energy than your house can use. The Tesla Powerwall will then store all that so you can use it during the night, or you can save it for when there’s a power outage in your area. With the technology of the Tesla Powerwall app, you can monitor your power and choose when to use it or when to save it.

You control your energy, let us handle the installation.

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Does Tesla Powerwall qualify for tax credit?

The Powerwall does qualify for the federal solar tax credit if you’re eligible, which is 30% of your total solar system, including a battery*.

In addition, depending on the state you’re in, you may be eligible for an additional tax credit when you purchase a Tesla Powerwall. For example, some of the states that provide incentives for solar batteries are: Arizona, California, Florida, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Hampshire, New York, Oregon, Vermont.

Does Tesla Powerwall help you save money?

Owning a Tesla Powerwall can save you money on your monthly electric bill by storing excess solar energy. It works like this: your solar panels generate energy from the sun during the day. During times of peak sunshine, your system will produce more energy than your home can use. If your system is connected to the grid, you’ll be able to sell your energy back to your utility company (specifics depend on your state and utility company). However, storing your energy in a Tesla Powerwall is more financially beneficial to you than selling it back. When this excess energy is stored, you’ll be able to power your home during the night instead of pulling energy from the grid. This means huge savings on your monthly electric bill, or in some cases, a credit on your electric bill which can be used to offset future electric bills.

Testimonial For Tesla Powerwall Installations

Tesla Certified Installers Near You

tesla battery

ADT Solar is a Tesla certified installer for the Tesla Powerwall 2. Make sure to choose a certified Tesla Powerwall installer for your solar installation so that you qualify for Tesla’s 10-year warranty. It’s also a great idea to find a solar company that includes their own warranties on products and services.

You can depend on ADT Solar to take care of the details of your home battery system. We’ll help you start saving on your electric bill from day one. We stand behind our service and products and offer our customers:

  • A 25 Year Labor Warranty
  • A 25 Year Production Guarantee
  • A 25 Year Solar Panel Manufacturer Warranty
  • A 25 Year Enphase Microinverter Warranty
  • A FREE energy audit to ensure your house will be as efficient as possible.

We currently install Tesla Powerwall in the following states:

Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia.

Tesla Powerwall Cost

If you’re ready to find out the cost of owning this revolutionary energy storage system, simply send us some info and we will contact you with a free quote.

*Tax and credits or incentives including those provided by federal, state, or local governments may change or end. This can impact the amount of money you might save. Consult a tax professional to understand any tax liability or eligibility for any tax credits that may result from the purchase of your solar system.

**If you have taxable income and own the system, you may qualify for the federal investment tax credit (ITC). It is your responsibility to determine your eligibility and to apply. Consult a qualified tax professional for assistance and details.